8 Best Transport and Logistics App Features

What if I told you that there is a way to simplify one of the most complex and unpredictable industries? Yes! Mobile apps for transportation and logistics can deliver that with ease. Transport and logistics business manages inventory, storage, employees, customers, shippers, a fleet of vehicles, documentation and more. It is the industry that facilitates the flow of […]

A Guide to Augmented Reality Applications

Augmented Reality is the up and coming technology in the digital world. From new entrepreneurs to fortune 500 brands, the significance of AR is spreading across industries like wildfire. As of 2021, the global market of augmented reality has already surpassed $25 billion and is projected to reach $340 billion by 2028. With 73% of mobile AR users claiming […]

React Developers: How to find the best React Native developers

Mobile apps accounted for $65 Billion in consumer spending in the first half of 2021, continuing to revolutionise businesses in all sectors. Along with improved customer satisfaction, mobile apps can streamline complex business operations. For example, mobile apps can be used to simplify and efficiently manage day-to-day transport and logistics business operations, which is known to be […]

10 Effective Features for a Successful eLearning App

As of 2021, surveys indicate that 73% of students would prefer to take courses entirely online post-pandemic. Moreover, eLearning improves knowledge retention by 25%-60%, while traditional learning methods provide only 8%-10% retention. Technology has been taking over the education industry for many years and after the pandemic, EdTech solutions and eLearning models are being welcomed as the future of education. With […]

Django vs. Node.js: A Comprehensive Comparison of Two Powerful Web Development Frameworks

In the vast and ever-evolving landscape of web development, choosing the right framework is crucial for building robust and efficient applications. Django and Node.js (commonly referred to as simply “Node”) are two popular web frameworks that have garnered a significant following. While Django is a Python-based framework known for its scalability and rapid development capabilities, […]

The 7 Best Nodejs Frameworks for Web Apps

In this transformative digital era, having a well-maintained website exudes a sense of authenticity and relevance from brands and businesses. A dynamic, intuitive, and high-performing website can work wonders for your brand’s image and conversion rate. With improved ranking on Google and interactive content, a beckoning website entices potential customers to visit your website and take […]