CakePHP vs Laravel, The ShowDown

Who’s the rockstar? See, if we tell you the answer directly, you may immediately regret it, or maybe you’ll strongly agree to it. So before directly jumping to a conclusion, let’s quickly get the details on What is CakePHP?  What is Laravel? What are the Key differences between Laravel vs CakePHP? And yes, Which is […]

Complete Guide To Outsourcing Software Development Services LIKE A PRO

Businesses are falling head over heels for their outsourcing partners Outsourcing has become an obsession now. 78% of businesses all over the world have positive opinions about using outsourcing services. And we are wondering, what is motivating them? Either superior skills or lower recruitment costs, or BOTH! Companies are outsourcing software engineers for several reasons. […]

The Paradigm Shift Towards a Fluid Workplace – Does it work for the IT industry?

Remote work always existed, but it came into the limelight in 2023 As a consequence of the global pandemic, decision-makers across the world quickly ran out of options and accepted, willing or unwillingly, the possibilities of the work-from-home concept, reshaping the tech industry forever.  The historical narrative of remote development goes back nearly 50 years. Jack Nilles, […]