Vue VS React: A Complete Comparison Between React and Vue

As of 2023, the web design industry revenue has already reached $40 billion globally. With 4.45 billion internet users and 1.58 billion active websites globally, businesses are continuously searching for new and improved web development technologies.The ever-increasing eCommerce battle between businesses has been fueled by the onset of the pandemic. It is imperative for businesses to understand web development technologies to […]

How to Outsource App Development in 2023?

The convenience of mobile apps has revolutionised businesses across the globe. With increased brand recognition and credibility, consumer interaction is heavily dependent on mobile apps. The mobile app industry continues to flourish with 218 billion new app downloads in 2020 from over 5 billion unique smartphone users worldwide. Source: Statista In the fast-paced digital age, businesses don’t have a second to spare. […]

Future of eCommerce: 7 Most Popular eCommerce Trends

eCommerce is the heart and soul of brands in the digital era, making it absolutely necessary for brands to have online shops that deliver excellent user experiences. The online retail experience is known as electronic commerce or eCommerce, a virtual platform facilitating online transactions in exchange for physical products or services. The digitalization of businesses began […]

Successful Mobile App Development Process in 4 Steps

Mobile apps aren’t a luxury or an option for businesses anymore, they are a necessity. The need for mobile application development for business owners is increasing at a rapid rate. Mobile apps can increase brand recognition and organic traffic tremendously. The global mobile app revenue is expected to reach a staggering figure of $935 billion by 2023. The scope of […]

8 Best Transport and Logistics App Features

What if I told you that there is a way to simplify one of the most complex and unpredictable industries? Yes! Mobile apps for transportation and logistics can deliver that with ease. Transport and logistics business manages inventory, storage, employees, customers, shippers, a fleet of vehicles, documentation and more. It is the industry that facilitates the flow of […]