Significance of ASP DOT NET Core: Reasons to Adopt ASP DOT NET Core Framework for Web Development


Among the ever-increasing online clutter, businesses are looking for new and improved ways to interact with their users and customers.

Web applications have emerged as a hot trend for eCommerce and many other industries. Progressive web apps (PWA) have shown significantly better results than mobile apps and regular websites.

According to studies, PWAs can yield a 36% higher conversion rate than native apps. Furthermore, web applications can boost user engagement by 50%.

Developing high-quality web applications requires a framework that offers high scalability and flexibility while maintaining high performance.

This is where ASP DOT NET Core web development shines!

Business owners and web developers must know the features and benefits of the ASP DOT NET Core web framework for successful web application development.

So without further ado, let’s begin!

What is ASP.NET Core?

ASP DOT NET Core is free to use and open-sourced web development platform, specifically used for building modernistic high functioning web applications. This framework allows smooth and seamless development of compilers, APIs, runtime modules, etc.

Developed by Microsoft and released in 2016, ASP DOT NET Core became one of the favourites for web application developers because it is simple to use and offers high-end versatile features in the development process.

ASP DOT NET Core development is one of the most prevalent web development options around the globe for building modern web and sophisticated web applications.

Why use ASP Net Core?

  • Running web apps on .NET Core and .NET Framework;
  • Progressive web applications with mobile compatibility and modern features like IoT integration;
  • Web applications that run across multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, and macOS;
  • Web applications with high scalability and versatile functionalities;
  • Web development with cloud-based installation.

These are the answers to “why use ASP Net Core?”

Before we get into the reasons to adopt ASP DOT NET Core, let’s discuss its popularity.

The Popularity of ASP Net Core

ASP DOT NET Core is widely used among developers all over the world. It is most favoured for building dynamic web applications.
Here’s a ranking of the most used web frameworks by developers in 2021:

Popularity of ASP Net Core

ASP NET Core Framework ranks 6th among other most used web frameworks globally, making it one of the most appealing frameworks for developing web applications

According to Trends BuiltWith108k live websites are powered by ASP DOT NET Core currently.

ASP NET Core Framework is also a well-matured platform with 26.4k stars and 7.1k forks on GitHub.

Now that we have established the popularity of ASP NET Core framework, let’s discuss its major features and benefits.

Why Adopt ASP DOT NET Core?

Here are the top reasons why ASP DOT NET Core is chosen time and again for developing web applications for small to enterprise-grade businesses.

1. Simplicity

No framework is worth the effort if the coding process is too arduous or time-consuming, but that’s not the case with ASP DOT NET Core web development.

The ASP NET Core framework lets you develop a web application with minimal lines of code, making it efficient for developers to add the required functionalities as well as spot mistakes with ease. Also, fewer lines of code make it much simpler to manage the codebase.

Key features like request submission, setup, customer authentication and more are completely seamless and uncomplicated. Moreover, the MVC architecture makes the web application much more customizable and the codebase is easier to write, modify and debug.

2. Open-Sourced Nature

ASP DOT NET Core Framework is open-sourced by nature, which makes it all the more attractive to developers as they can freely collaborate with others during the development process.

A wide range of tools and libraries are available on GitHub for a smooth and seamless experience while developing web applications with DOT NET Core Framework. A strong and ever-growing community supports ASP DOT NET Core web development with regular bug fixes and updates.
This proves the maturity of this web development platform, which is a significant factor to consider when choosing the perfect platform for developing web applications.

Additionally, this feature also saves valuable time during the development process as the developers can get help from community support along with the tools and libraries on GitHub.

3. Cross-Platform Functionalities

Cross-Platform Functionalities

One of the most significant characteristics of ASP DOT NET Core web development is cross-platform functionality. With ASP.NET, you can build web applications for various operating systems including Windows, Linux, and macOS.

This feature provides developers with unhindered versatility with an option to build a single codebase for multiple operating systems, saving valuable time in the web development process.

From the client’s perspective, business owners can unlock maximum exposure by making their web applications accessible via multiple platforms.

4. High Performance

The capacity to deliver high performance is a very noteworthy consideration for adopting a successful web development platform.

The ASP NET Core Framework keeps performance at its foreground, making sure the web applications deliver optimum performance after deployment.

Along with other important features, this framework enhances the codebase on its own during code compilation, making it one of the best platforms for developing top-grade web applications.

Along with libraries and external tools, developers can develop a maintainable and efficient code base with optimum performance. Additionally, regular updates and new releases added more reliable and efficient features like space and database management that allows the development of mobile applications, cloud-based integrations and IoT.

This modular framework built by Microsoft is specifically developed to create an all-round solution for developers and all types of industries.

5. Razor Pages

Razor Pages is a new feature added to the ASP NET latest framework. This feature introduces an efficient coding architecture that is page-focused and easy to maintain, allowing developers to maximize efficiency in a web application by programming the codebase in a page-focused development environment.

ASP NET Core framework simplifies the development process with the Razor Pages architecture by providing a way to develop each web page of a web application separately and uniquely. Developers can create high-functioning and highly dynamic user interface for every web page.

Along with the above-mentioned benefits of Razor Pages, the unique web pages can be easily organized and managed together efficiently.
This feature makes ASP DOT NET Core web development one of the best options for building stable and scalable web applications with dynamic user interfaces and optimum performance.

6. Wide Range of Programming Features and Developer Tools

Features and Developer Tools

The ASP DOT NET ecosystem has upgraded a lot, introducing new and improved programming features for the ASP NET Core Framework.

A few additional features:

  • Cross-platform development architecture
  • Garbage collection
  • Package management
  • Memory management automation
  • Language independence
  • Development of web applications with MVC architecture and RESTful APIs with ease
  • Multilingual support
  • Asynchronous programming

These features help asp dot net developers to build modern and high-performing web applications easily, efficiently and rapidly.

The ASP NET Core framework also offers a wide range of developer tools like Jetbrains, Resharper, SQL Multiscript, etc. that further simplify the development process.

The best part is that it can be used with Microsoft Visual Studio, which opens the path to top-notch ASP DOT NET Core web development. This provides high-end features like debugging, unit testing, profiling, GIT integration, code completion, etc.

7. Flexible Deployment

The flexibility and simplicity of web app deployment offered by ASP DOT NET Core web development make it one of the most reliable options.

There are two types of web app deployment in ASP DOT NET:

  1. Self-contained deployment: Shared components don’t alter the deployment process in this type. The .NET Core runtime elements and .NET libraries are separate from the .NET Core applications.
  2. Framework-dependent deployment: This type of web app deployment relies on shared components. Only the developed web app and 3rd party dependencies can be executed, saving host system memory.

Final Thoughts

With top-notch efficiency and high scalability, it’s not a surprise that ASP DOT NET Core is one of the best web development platforms.

Unique features like Razor Pages and Microsoft Visual Studio make it distinct from other web development frameworks. Other benefits like its open-sourced nature, cross-platform accessibility and usability make it the favorite web development platform for developers around the globe.

ASP NET Core framework can be used to deliver high-performing web applications with unique and dynamic user interfaces.

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