Top 10 things to consider before choosing a technology solution provider

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The digital era has made a huge impact on businesses from every industry. A website or a mobile app is now a necessity, not a choice. Apart from social media marketing and promotional content, your brand’s online presence depends on the quality of your website and mobile app.

According to studies, the global software development industry is expected to surpass a colossal figure of $1000 billion by 2027.

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As the need for software development soars through the sky, the demand for technology partners is also at an all-time high.

We understand that choosing a long-term technology solution provider is a daunting task, and that’s why our experts have created this article to help you through the journey.

Let’s begin by understanding what is a technology partnership.

What is Technology Partnership?

Technology partnership is the process where an organization or company decides to hire an external IT development agency to plan and execute software development projects, instead of an in-house development team.

A third-party software development agency handles entire software development projects with seamless communication to successfully meet your technology partnership goals.

It is a simple long-term “give and take” relationship between you and an IT development company.

Technology partnerships exist to aid brands and businesses in optimizing their software systems. These partnerships occur between software development agencies that deliver digital products and the clients who use these pieces of software in their daily business operations.

What are the Top 10 Considerations for Choosing a Business Technology Partner?

There are many things to analyse and examine before finalising your technology partner. To save you the trouble, here’s a list of things to consider before choosing your technology solution provider:

1. Skills & Expertise

The first things to consider when choosing a business technology partner are the capabilities of the technology solution provider. Carefully analyse the case studies and portfolio on the company’s website for a deeper insight into their past clients and projects.

Look for expertise in technologies like UI designapp developmentwebsite development, automation, machine learning, etc. to align with your software development requirements for reaching optimum results. Also, pay close attention to different facets like team integration, timely deliveries, seamless communication and so on.

If the features and skills match your technology needs and preferences, then you can form a secure technology alliance with the company.

2. Diverse Portfolio

The business technology partner that you choose should have a diverse portfolio, proving hands-on experience with multiple industries.
First of all, a diverse portfolio proves the technology partner’s expertise in handling a varied collection of projects.

Secondly, your software development needs are bound to change from time to time as a growing business. A software development agency with diverse skills and experience can easily align with your ever-changing needs for a successful long-term technology partnership.

3. Long-Term Partnership

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Although SaaS-based business arrangements may be viable in some cases, a long-term deal is the best way to go when searching for a business technology partner.

With regular updates, maintenance, bug fixings and ongoing support, software development is not a one-time solution, but a continuous project. That’s why make sure that the responsive technology partner that you choose aligns with your long-term software development goals.

Scalability and flexibility are two important factors that you must consider while looking for a business technology partner. If you overlook this vital factor, your technology development requirements may outweigh the services of the technology partner. Align your long-term goals with the company’s capabilities for a healthy and long-lasting technology partnership.

4. UX-Design

When it comes to web development and app development, the user interface plays a significant role in increasing your brand’s outreach and retaining your existing audience.

An ideal business technology partner will provide highly skilled UX design experts for all your software development needs. They should be able to build seamless, easy-to-use and intuitive user interfaces that not only resonate well with your audience but elevate your brand’s online presence to a whole new level.

User-friendly experiences are pivotal for successful software development.

5. Security & Privacy

Security is one of the most important factors to consider in order to form a secure technology alliance. Cyber vulnerabilities like data leakage, broken authentication, cross-site scripting and so on are some of the biggest threats to the digital world.

Every industry’s online presence is vulnerable to cyberattacks, risking sensitive consumer data and jeopardizing businesses altogether.
The ideal technology partner should have the latest technology and expertise to prevent such vulnerabilities with powerful and robust backend development, delivering secure online experiences for your consumers and an impenetrable digital infrastructure for your business.

Furthermore, make sure that the company’s safety features are compliant with the latest digital security standards.

The technology partner that you choose should also respect your business’s privacy. Non-disclosure agreements are encouraged to prevent piracy and intellectual theft.

6. Seamless Communication

Seamless Communication

Communication is key for a successful technology partnership.

24×7 access and rapid response are ideal for building a healthy and secure technology alliance. An ideal technology solution provider must value your time and communicate whenever you need it. Every software development project begins with communication where you convey your ideas and needs, this step must be treated with the utmost importance.

Additionally, a transparent software development process is extremely beneficial. As a client, you should always be in the loop. An ideal technology partner notifies of every change and keeps the client updated at all times.

Seamless communication and 24×7 access provide a way for you to stay involved with the ongoing project.

7. Budget-Friendly

A business technology partner is the best fit when its cost of IT solutions fits your software development budget.

In a long-term technology partnership, budget plays a significant role. If you can cover the initial costs of the software development and it becomes unaffordable eventually, your app or website may have to run on outdated versions and bugs. Furthermore, you will have to restart the search for a more affordable technology partner.

That’s why it is important to align your budget for the long run.

Along with budget-friendliness, an ideal technology must provide you with optimum value for your money. It should be able to scale your business digitally and provide maximum Return On Investment (ROI).

8. Innovation & Ideation

Ideation is another significant factor to consider while choosing a business technology partner.

Along with technical proficiency, an ideal technology solution provider must have the creativity to craft solutions. It should be able to able to identify specific problems and present creative and authentic software services, like alternatives for legacy systems and solutions for maximizing ROI.

Access to the latest technologies is a big part of innovation. State-of-the-art technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, etc. are among the emerging trends in software development.

9. Company Values

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This factor is often ignored by businesses, forming a weak foundation for a long-term business technology partnership.

Technical proficiency and soft skills are just the “tip of the iceberg” when considering the qualities of a prospective IT development company. For a healthy technology partnership, you must align your company’s values and long-term goals.

Your long-term technology solution provider becomes an integral part of your business family, and this kind of partnership is bound to fail if the values, ethics, and goals don’t match.

10. Global Benchmarks

Another way to know if an IT service provider is worth your time and money is by checking global benchmarks.

Global benchmarks let you know that the company is trusted by its clients and has delivered top-notch services over the years, in other words, a badge of trust and expertise.

For example, ISO certification is a prestigious benchmark for IT development companies.

Now that you know the top 10 things to consider before choosing a technology solution provider, let’s discuss how to find the ideal technology partner.

Where to find the ideal technology partner?

The best platform to search for technology solution providers is

Clutch is the go-to platform for searching software development companies. It provides a detailed profile of the top technology partners along with specific factors like:

  • Rating (out of 5)
  • Service focus
  • Client focus
  • Industry focus
  • Minimum project size
  • Average hourly rate
  • Company size

Analyze these profiles and visit the websites of your preferred companies to shortlist the ones best suited for your software development needs.

As an ISO-certified technology solution provider with extremely high standards, we have a habit of going beyond expectations and delivering consistent and scalable products.

We’re not just any ordinary web development agency, but your technology partner in success.

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