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A business cannot be sustained without a website or web application in this digital age.

Businesses looking to get an edge over their competitors are looking for talented web developers. As a result, few firms can afford to engage a web development team and have a full crew of developers capable of creating and maintaining a website. Many businesses are instead turning to third-party developers to suit their technology requirements.

More than $400 billion worth of IT services has been delegated to third-party agencies by the end of 2021.

There are many reasons for a user to leave a website and increase the bounce rate:

Web Development

Source: Hubspot

You need a perfect web development team that understands your objectives and delivers accordingly. Along with technical prowess, you need a team that can create beautiful UI designs to attract potential consumers.

That’s why the expert web developers at CC have collaborated to create this guide on how to hire the perfect web development team.

So without further ado, let’s begin…

What Is a Web Development Team?

Before you hire a web development team, an in-house web expert, or a freelancing web expert, make sure that you understand the web development team roles and responsibilities and the results that you can expect. Most importantly, a website development team is in charge of designing and developing websites and web apps for your business.

Web developers must be highly skilled in multiple programming languages and use the latest technologies that help them build site functionality, add different features, strengthen security, and more. Apart from only technical skills, they should ideally have a good sense of time-management and communication abilities. Additionally, they should be detail-oriented with creativity, wit and technical proficiency.

Moreover, knowing about the parts of a web development team is critical for your decision-making process. Here’s a list of what constitutes a successful web development team structure:

  • Project Manager,
  • UI/UX designers,
  • Front End developers, Back End developers, and Full-Stack developers,
  • Post-Development Testers and Engineers.

Web developers can literally make or break your brand’s website. Knowing what you need is like winning half the battle. It’s crucial to retain your dedicated web development team for long-term sustainability with post-development maintenance, support and scaling.

What Constitutes an Ideal Web Development Team?

Apart from having web development team roles and responsibilities established and delegated to adept professionals, it’s crucial to observe these qualities throughout the process:

  • Detail-oriented work,
  • Meticulous code writing & documentation,
  • Process automation,
  • Version control,
  • Effectively use different tools, also including communication tools,
  • Efficient use of integrated platforms,
  • Collaborative code reviews.

Furthermore, top-tier web development teams have a strong team culture. They work harmoniously and motivate each other through the process. If you’re searching for the most effective solution and considering outsourcing web development agency, then make sure to observe how individual web developers function in the workplace and take some time to figure out how they coordinate as a whole.

If the members of the web development team get along with each other and display impeccable dynamics in the workplace, then you have found your dream team.

In-House VS. Outsourcing: How to Hire a Web Development Team?

 Hire a Web Development Team

Hiring an in-house team VS outsourcing web development team is always an ongoing struggle, demanding extra money, effort and time.

Two-thirds of all US companies already outsource software development projects. Also, 57% of organizations claim that IT outsourcing lets them focus on their core business activities.

Experts in various fields of software development are in high demand for achieving business success. When the digital era began, external organizations and outsourcing web development teams used to be the game of big corporations and large enterprises. But now, almost 80% of start-ups and small businesses are planning to outsource some roles in 2021.

However, although outsourcing is being widely accepted as a new normal, it still has a few drawbacks. Its main risks and challenges include:

  • You don’t get complete control over the project;
  • You can’t monitor the professionals at all times;
  • Potential confidentiality and data security risks;
  • Communication issues may occur when you consider different time zones.

But many web development agencies overcome these challenges easily by-

  • Keeping the client’s needs in priority;
  • Hiring project managers for performance accountability;
  • Signing Non-Disclosure Agreements;
  • Maintaining seamless communication with the client.

So, before selecting this popular and efficient practice, make sure to get familiar with all of the benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing. Then, there is a matter of timing. When is it ideal to outsource? Analyze your business and hiring requirements to make sure that you answer these pivotal questions:

  • Do you lack specific technical skills and proficiency with some programming languages in-house?
  • What is your budget?
  • How much time do you have?
  • Do you have an in-house team of recruiters?

Your in-house team is incomplete and you need a web app for your core business, then it is ideal to build in-house. But for the rest of the scenarios, outsourcing is the way to go. In this busy digital era, outsourcing a web development team is the best way to fill the technical gap in your company. Identify your problems/challenges, create a plan and make a decision accordingly.

Why Outsource a Web Development Team?

When you finally find the ideal IT outsourcing agency, all your web development challenges seem to fade away. You will identify the countless perks of outsourcing almost instantly. These are some of the advantages to look forward to:

  • Reducing hiring and operational costs;
  • From design to deployment, save time in reaching the market;
  • Scaling project growth more effectively;
  • Eliminate stressful screening and interviewing processes;
  • Focus more on core business matters and functions,
  • Accessing proficient technical skills and rich experience;
  • Accessing cutting-edge technologies;
  • Performance accountability with project managers.

lastly, if you choose correctly, it is confirmed that your entire web development team will be more efficient and productive overall. Consequently, the quality of work that you’ll deliver for your clients will improve as well.

For example, if you’re building an EdTech business and require a reliable web development team to assist you, make sure that you conduct enough research on the top web solution providers to hire the ideal one. Identify your needs and select the IT outsourcing agency with a good reputation and relevant experience.

Let’s elaborate…

How to Hire an Ideal Web Development Team?

Web Development Team

Let’s answer this much-awaited question – How do I hire a web development team?

Always start an action by analyzing your business from the inside and identifying your actual needs, requirements, and things you’ll be able to offer to prospective candidates and BPO companies,

Research the market and find out what’s available, how your competitors work, what are the vendors like, how much do freelancers charge, what are the costs of outsourcing parts of your project, and beyond…

Always focus on the technical capabilities you require, but never overlook the importance of soft and interpersonal skills, relationships within an outsourced team, core values, assertiveness, punctuality, and other factors.

Begin with smaller, more manageable chunks of work and gradually broaden the scope to familiarise yourself with your new hires.

These are the essentials that must be addressed. Once you’ve done that, the remainder will be rather painless and comfortable.

Identify your business needs

Every website development project is unique. It’s impossible to know which web developers will best suit your demands without first knowing its size and ambitions. So, first and foremost, you must decide the type of project for which you are hiring:

A simple project involving the creation of a simple website or the integration of new features such as a contact form, a call-to-action button, a new template design, and more.

A medium project might be anything from web app development to eCommerce shop creation to services that require the integration of third-party systems like databases, CMS, CRM, APIs, chatbots, and more.

To store user data, large projects like social media apps or social networks necessitate a variety of complex technologies and cloud hosting servers.

Then take advantage of these helpful hints:

  • Do you wish to start from the ground up with a project?
  • Do you need to expand your in-house team and get assistance with a current project?
  • Do you want to employ a technology that no one in your in-house team has worked with before?

It will be simple to choose the ideal technique, business model, and solution after you have a clear understanding of the essential aspects and are familiar with your genuine goals and possibilities.

Conduct research

Regardless of whether you’re looking to find an outsourced web development team or build one yourself, doing thorough research is paramount. If you want to collaborate part-time with a freelancer, you could look into various platforms like Upwork and filter the profiles that match your requirements.

However, if your main question is – How do I hire a web development company? Things are a little more complicated. The search should be more careful. Finding the best outsourcing company should never be rushed, and it should consist of specific steps:

Checking references and reviews,

  • Looking at previous projects completed by their development teams,
  • Paying close attention to the user experience when looking at the solutions they’ve built,
  • Paying attention to the speed of the sites they’ve built,
  • Comparing their price range to a few other skilled competitors,
  • Planning your budget.

If you’re not sure where to start, look into sites like Clutch to identify a BPO firm that fits your technical needs, values, and budget. Then, if you’re interested in working with a specific vendor, make an effort to establish open and honest communication.

Focus on hard and soft skills

The front end, back end, and full-stack developers are the types of web developers to look into. What each of them performs is as follows:

Front-end developers work to create or improve the parts of your website that your visitors will interact with. However, their knowledge extends beyond modifying the look and feel of your website. If you want to concentrate on user experience, you need to hire a designer. Front-end developers use HTML, CSS, Javascript, frameworks, and libraries to make website designs completely functional.

Back end developers are in charge of creating or improving the structure of a website. In other words, their expertise will have an impact on how your website functions behind the scenes. You can count on them to improve the speed of your website, integrate third-party services into its architecture, and troubleshoot difficult technological issues. The most common programming languages used by these computer experts are Python, PHP, Ruby, and Java. They’ve worked with relational and non-relational databases before.

Full-stack developers can work on both the front and back ends of a project. They’re common among start-ups looking for quick fixes. Hiring them could also help you save money. Working with an all-around professional is typically more economical than hiring FE and BE developers, despite their higher hourly costs.

Begin your search once you’ve decided on a tech stack and background. Nonetheless, you must focus on non-tech abilities. You’ll find a perfect fit this way, whether it’s an in-house developer, a freelancer, or a BPO firm. Personality traits and a good attitude will aid you in achieving your goals and maintaining a healthy workplace.

Start small and then scale up

If you decide to outsource web development, it’s a good idea to start with a small test project. Even if you don’t want to waste time with a trial, it’s still a good idea to start by allocating a small job to your new group. This will help you to observe how they approach tasks and how they work. You’ll find out how they communicate and how they deal with deadlines.

After that, progressively increase the workload. Before moving on to the main plan, please give them a couple more difficult chores. The various scopes of work will also educate you something about their abilities and methods.

Follow the above tips for an ideal Web Development Team

These straightforward guidelines will assist you in determining where to begin when trying to recruit a web development team. Always double-check your actual business and hiring needs before attempting to get significant market information. It takes time and effort to find a suitable outsourcing firm. Be patient, and never settle for anything less than your actual goals.

Choose a team that will offer fresh ideas, efficiency, talent, and a positive attitude to the job. Their culture and ethics are just as important as their technological prowess.

Communication Crafts- Get your dream web development team

With 17+ years of hands-on experience, Communication Crafts is a trusted agency that offers a wide pool of Remote Web Developers for hire. To provide end-to-end web development solutions under one roof, our devoted experts use a strong blend of technology and innovation. We use cutting-edge technologies like Angular, React, Vue, PHP, Ruby, Python, and others to create high-quality software development solutions for a variety of industries, including banking and finance, food and beverage, eCommerce, health and fitness, entertainment, photography, logistics, and eLearning.

Our web development professionals are skilled at creating websites and web applications that help your company rise above the ever-increasing digital competition. Get top-tier web development from our pre-vetted talent pool, from concept creation to deployment and maintenance.

Why Hire from Communication Crafts?

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The CC Difference:

CC ExpertsFreelancersIn-House
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Project DeliveryRapid & StreamlinedUndeterminedAdequate
SecurityAirtight SecurityNo SecurityModerately Secure
Hiring ProcessPre-vetted & Hand-PickedHectic & TediousHectic & Tedious
Project SizeFlexible (AnySmallFixed

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