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Progressive Web Apps. It’s been more than 12 years since Steve Jobs originally presented the idea of web apps that perform the same as native apps.

It’s been more than 5 years that the term “PWA” was introduced to the technological world. And since its inception, PWAs are becoming more and more popular.

The main reason is, a staggering rise in the user engagement that is consistently seen for those businesses and companies who use PWAs instead of legacy applications and native apps.

A PWA study found that conversion rates increased by 169%, page loads were 85% faster and PWAs increased mobile users by 154%.

In the end, that’s what all businesses and companies want. And PWA has come to the rescue of businesses’ whose survival and growth depend heavily on online engagement.

So what exactly is a PWA?

So what exactly is a PWA?

Progressive web apps leverage modern browser capabilities and the latest web development technology to deliver an enhanced user experience that is as good as if not better than native applications.

In a nutshell, PWAs are websites that behave like native mobile apps.

PWAs are built using HTML, CSS & JavaScript and can run on any platform that uses a standard-compliant browser, including both mobile phones and desktop. Speaking from a technical aspect, you can run a PWA from any web server, CMS or web infrastructure like ASP.NET, PHP to any client-side platform.

Think of it as a website built using web technologies but actually feels like using an app.

Compared to native apps, PWA development is much faster compared to native development. By harnessing all features of a native app-like service worker caching, push notifications, and API integration along with having a great responsive design, PWAs have enabled the users to receive a great user experience.

MNCs like Twitter, Uber, and Starbucks have quickly grasped the advantage of using PWAs. They are the next big thing in the mobile sector. And this year progressive web app development is set to take off.

Progressive Web Apps are the present and the future of web development.
Here’s why that is.

People love using it

PWAs have enhanced the overall app experience and there’s no denying it. The fact that it is quick to launch and great to use, and can be added to the mobile home page for direct access is why people love using progressive apps.

This is possible since the progressive apps have a link-adding feature that allows the app to be cached so that you can access it from your mobile home screen.

65% of users download zero apps on their phone. And this is why progressive web app is so loved. It enables the users to access their favourite website in a much better way right from their smartphones.

This has helped many companies increase their business revenue. Companies like MakeMyTrip saw a 160% increase in shopper sessions and lowered the bounce rate by 20% compared with their previous mobile site. While Twitter’s PWA app called Twitter Lite saw a 75% increase in tweets sent

Easy updates

Easy updates

Launching a new version of a mobile app can be troublesome for developers.

PWAs remove the need to surf through the app store or play store looking to see if there are new updates rolled out for the app. PWA users always have access to the latest updates.

A PWA allows app publishers to implement software patches quickly. Since they keep entire control over the content, customers always use the most current version of the app.

This unique feature allows organizations to remove the redundant need to maintain old versions of apps or risk loss of user data until they start the update.

Cost-effective development solutions

Progressive web app developers have many JavaScript frameworks & development tools to work it. Such as React PWA Library, Angular PWA framework, Vue PWA framework and much more.

These web stacks enable the PWA developers to quickly code and launch the app in quick succession. Saving an ample amount of time and development costs because of it.

Unlike native apps that require comprehensive planning, development, listing, approval, and installation before they can be used. Progressive apps can simply be deployed by a web page code that is compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers.

With PWAs eCommerce businesses that invest heavily in mobile app development can save huge on mobile app development and maintenance.

Low Data Usage

Low Data Usage

Progressive web applications are lightweight. Their intuitive navigation and a progressive display of relevant site pages, they consume less data than normal websites.

For the people who at times face data connectivity issues and use mobile data, PWA is a game-changer. It helps optimize data usage enabling mobile users to save their mobile data and use it efficiently.

Better Security measures

We live in a digital age where everything revolves around the internet. Cyber intrusions and attacks are always a threat to websites. That’s why secure internet connection is necessary.

Since Google highly recommends web developers to use the secure version of HTTP- HTTPS, PWA sites are being moved to HTPPS. This enables to launch a PWA in a secure and more controlled environment where data security of sensitive data can be assured. This gives the users’ the peace of mind that there won’t be any compromise of their personal data and let them freely enjoy using the app.

The Future

Progressive web apps have removed the unnecessary & troublesome need for downloading and installation stages that usually come with a native app.

Using the latest cutting-edge web technologies, PWAs have so much more to offer to the users. Its ability to engage and delight the users with a great user experience is yet unparalleled.

If you are looking to develop a PWA, the timing can’t be much better. If you’re looking for a trusted progressive web app development company, look no further!

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