Google Assistant and SiriKit Ushers the Age of AI in Mobile App Development

We are no longer in a smartphone-only world!

AI introduces virtual assistant and chat bots towards a shift from the simple search query to an ongoing two-way dialogue, enriched by context.

As Google flexes its muscles in Artificial Intelligence with the launch of Google Assistant service, an iteration of intelligent personal assistant (IPA) and Apple Siri gains ability to control third-party apps, we witness a new wave of AI ushering in mobile app development.

With reports that Google’ s AI can identify images with 93.9 percent accuracy and approaches human levels of understanding when it comes to natural language processing image recognition abilities is a sign that we’re moving from a mobile first to an AI- first world.

Although Apple allows iOS app developers to tap into Siri’s vast potential with iOS 10 SiriKit, Google voice interface is presently limited to Google Allo, Google Home device and Google Pixel. The possibilities for Android app developers are immense once Google allows third-party access driven by Google’s deep learning technology. So how can you too give your Android or iOS mobile app a competitive edge by infusing the intelligent personal assistant function or voice interface?

SiriKit comes integrated with Intents Framework which enables iOS 10 apps to work with Siri and get things done in messaging, Photo Search, Phone Calls and third-party apps including support for new services including ride booking and personal payments. From user-interaction to working with extensions to get information and handle user request, virtual assistants and chat bots help create unique and recognizable experience for your customers.

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