7 Popular React Native Mobile Apps

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It is a well-known fact that mobile app development is the pinnacle for any business that wants more user engagement and create brand awareness. But back in the day, developers had a difficult time building mobile apps. The native environments like Apache Cordova and Ionic could just create single mobile operating system apps. That meant hiring two different developers to build the same app for two different mobile operating systems!

But developers these days have a broad field of software frameworks that they can choose from, for building mobile apps. Amongst developers, the popular choice is React Native.

But what is React firstly?

Developed by Facebook, React is a JavaScript library used to build a user interface (U) for front-end applications.

What is React Native?

Based on React, React Native is a JavaScript-based, cross-platform, open-source mobile app development framework created by Facebook in 2015. React Native helped fill the gaps in the app development world. It became the number one choice for developers. Some might even say it was revolutionary in the way it changed the mobile app development world.

But what exactly makes React Native unique?

React Native offers a powerful platform due to its native control and modules that help improve the performance of an app. Along with code reusability and lower cost of development, developers can reuse code written for apps in both iOS and Android. It is no secret that React Native is known for developing highly interactive user-interface that helps build engaging mobile apps.

Owing to its USPs, so many global companies and startups use React Native to build mobile applications. Let us see which they are.

7 Popular Mobile Apps built with React Native

1. Facebook


Facebook wanted to shift all its web features into the mobile app and React Native was the perfect solution. Not only did it make the dashboard startup twice as fast, it could also take care of Android and iOS users at the same time.

Looking at the success, Facebook integrated React Native for its Facebook Ads. Due to its clean UI and ability to handle complex business logic, using the React Native Facebook app is a great experience.

2. Walmart


Walmart has always been innovative in its approach to engage customers. Since they wanted to deliver better customer experience, they switched to React Native framework to change their mobile app’s performance on both iOS & Android. By doing so, developers were able to reuse around 90% of the code, saving the app development cost.

Implementing new technologies drastically improved performance and produced better UI animations while boosting their customer engagement activities. Walmart’s E-commerce business increased significantly because of this

3. Airbnb


Airbnb is an online rental marketplace offering amazing lodges and homestays for tourists all around the world. With fast-paced updates for better customer experience & increase in profits, the company decided to integrate the components of React Native into their existing app.

Finding it difficult to integrate React Native, they hired an expert React Native app development company that made their job easier. Doing so not only showed efficient results but helped attract more users to their app.

4. Tesla


Tesla has revolutionized the electric motor industry with the introduction of electric self-driving cars. Drivers can control their cars remotely through the Tesla mobile app which is built with React Native. The use of React Native for both Android and iOS, made the app simple to use. Its interactive UI feels like you’re playing a video game.

5. Instagram


Since Facebook acquired Instagram, they took up the challenge of innovating the social media app using React Native. They implemented changes that resulted in a better interactive UI, added dynamic features like reconstruction of the push notifications and new filters.

The development team not only saved so much time by reusing 80% of the code for both Android and iOS but significantly improved the processing speed of their app. Using React Native, they could roll out updates even quicker.

6. Bloomberg


A media company that continuously delivers market data, provides business insights and news from all over the world for millions of users daily, Bloomberg had to continuously provide an engaging experience on its mobile app.

The ability of cross-platform app development, React Native was the perfect fit for their mobile app. Using the React framework for both Android and iOS, they were able to provide personalized image and video content for their users along with accelerating the release of new features and faster loading of the app.

7. Wix


Founded in 2006, WIX provides web hosting and website design services. Originally users built the website using HTML/CSS and drag and drop utility of WIX to add features that led to slow deployment rate. Changing to React Native, WIX didn’t require the user to know how to code! And due to its agile development rate, WIX gained popularity.

React Native is one of the most popular cross-platform app development framework that allow businesses to grow and scale their operations easily. When looking for a mobile app development company, you must go for the one that can easily create mobile apps using React Native. One such company is Communication Crafts.

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