Top 6 Revenue-Generating Mobile App Design Trends in 2023

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With user experience becoming the most defining element of curating mobile app success. Creating an outstanding mobile app design helps provide your app users with a mesmerizing experience that they desire more of.

But the question remains, how do you predict tomorrow’s visual styles and innovations for the UI/UX design for your mobile app today?

Grasping on the latest technologies and the doors it can open for product development and mobile design can help figure out new interactive designs that can be implemented for mobile apps.

Determining how app designers and developers can use it is an important part of modern mobile application development.

Determining the best app designs can help shortlist some of the emerging trends in mobile apps in the present as well as the future.

But for now, let us focus on what the present holds for design guidelines and trends.

In 2023 , here are the mobile UI design trends that are going to help brands make a resounding impact on their users.


UI design trends in 2023:

  1. Creative Data Visualization
  2. Animated Illustrations
  3. Rounded, organic shapes
  4. Dark mode
  5. Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) in UI design
  6. Elegant interfaces and content-focused experiences

1. Creative Data Visualization

After a childhood of being bored in math class, when data visualization came to the picture, who thought maths would become fun?

Data visualization is the representation of information and data using charts, graphs, and maps.

If you’re designing a mobile app that involves analyzing data or showing some figures, integrating data visualization features will make consuming information more engaging and easy. And that is why this is going to be a top app designer trend in 2023 to look out for.

By using different graphs, adding some animations, and correlating data with the right color combinations can work wonders in providing the users with a pleasurable experience.

2. Animated Illustrations

Illustrations are another one of the hottest trends in digital. They have been a very popular design element. And their evolution in recent times for UI design has been spectacular.

Graphic designers are starting to use illustrations for mobile user interfaces to eliminate the negative and dull design elements and give the app a much better and cleaner look.

Since visuals engage better than other types of content and help curate a better relationship between a brand and users- get ready to see more creative digital illustrations and 3D graphics for mobile phone apps this year.

Another great thing about illustrations is that you can incorporate animations. Animations are one of the best ways to tell a story about your brand, product, or service. That’s why adding graphic animation can help enhance the likeability of your digital product amongst your competitors.

3. Rounded, organic shapes


This is something new for mobile apps. The round and organic shapes like rectangles are another fascinating mobile app design trend in 2023 to look out for.

From being used for buttons, layouts, and other UI elements, rounded shapes are known to convey a friendly and positive feeling.

Not to forget that such organic shapes can give a great directional flow to your design and help highlight products by making the background sharper.

No wonder organic shapes are working so well for user interactions.

4. Dark mode


One of the most popular app features is ‘dark mode’. With dark mode becoming one of the top mobile app trends recently, it is evident that modern users love using dark mode and there is no going back. It makes the user interface look beautiful, minimalistic, and aesthetically appealing.

And the best part, the dark mode has enabled users to surf through mobile apps and reduce eye strain in darkness or night, as it usually would not be in the case of normal bright light.

If that wasn’t enough, the dark mode helps in optimizing the usage of the battery of the mobile phone.

5. Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) in UI design

As mobile technology continues to evolve, app development & product design requires thinking outside the box to create something even more spectacular that people will love to use. And adhering to that design thinking principle can help create an astounding mobile app UI design.

And that’s why augmented reality and virtual reality are becoming increasingly popular among mobile app developers and designers for their new generation of mobile and enterprise applications.

AR & VR are UI/UX design trend this is going to be heavily adopted in the coming years. Since AR & VR technology is still evolving, mobile app developers are trying their best to incorporate it efficiently to create a great UI design.

AR apps can provide users with a virtual environment where they can mimic real-world actions. Thus enabling a more interactive and immersive app experience.

Making VR and AR app design one of the top mobile app design trends to look out for in 2023.

6. Elegant interfaces and content-focused experiences


While valuable and engaging content still remains the undisputed king of marketing experiences, how you deliver the story matters. There are thousands of mobile apps in the market, but not all always succeed in getting it right the first time.

The problem?

Bad user interface design!

Mobile app owners have quickly grasped hold of the importance of having a great UI/UX design for their app.

Graphic designers and UX/UI designers are now focusing on what’s of most importance- providing users with the great app experience they want more of.

This means designing a simple and beautiful mobile app design that makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for. And directing the user’s attention toward focused content in the app.

This helps reduce the complexities associated with the app and bring life to the mobile user interfaces with the help of content-first layouts.

While such a neutral interface is very beneficial, app designers face some challenges such as these neutral interfaces becoming common among apps.

Using the right colors, typography can help distinguish your brand and give it a unique position in the market.

Best App UI Designs in 2023

With more than 5.15 billion mobile users in the world, mobile apps are playing a vital role in the digital transformation of businesses and organizations and enabling them to achieve success.

Every year bring innovations in the mobile devices. For 2023, these are the best mobile app designs to adopt. App designers are starting to design and develop these features for their mobile app design.

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