Dope Hiring Strategies For A Dope Generation in Software Development

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Generation Z which includes 67 million people is not just limited to Netflix and Reels.
These true digital pundits have officially entered the workforce producing a whooping figure of 60 million employees in the next decade. Gen-Z has a very different outlook on careers and how to measure success in life and the workplace than Millennials.

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Gen-Z’s are competent, diversified, and socially aware but distracted at the same time.

So, What motivates Gen Z in the workplace?

Regular Feedback

Born in the era of getting instant feedback in the form of comments, likes , shares, and DMs, Gen Z seeks regular feedback on their performance and areas that they can improve. They are eager to learn new things and imbibe creativity in everything they do. Communicating with them on a regular basis will make them feel valued and motivated and in turn, will help them boost their confidence and productivity.

Flexible Hustle

Gen Z believes in a fine balance of hustling and taking care of their mental health. Getting things done by taking unnecessarily excessive stress is not the hill they would like to climb on. They would rather go for convenient options than rooting in traditional workplaces. No wonder why, the concept of working remotely, anywhere in their comfy oversized t-shirts is highly accepted and looked out for by most. Implementing a flexible working policy, hybrid or fully remote will attract talented individuals easily.

Promise Them Career Growth

Personal life or Professional life, Gen Z hates anything that lacks freshness. They are ambitious with a never-ending desire to upgrade. Gen-Z can be easily motivated if they are provided with a pathway to career advancement.

Don’t Make Them Go Antisocial

Embrace social media and new technology in the workplace. From the earliest youth, Gen-Z has been exposed to social media and digital networks. Eliminating paperwork with any software or having different technologies for different departments will do wonders.

Promote Inclusiveness And Diversity

Gen-Z is the most accepting and diversified generation. They love interactive generation that includes ideas and perspectives from different cultures and generations. Promoting inclusiveness is one of the key factors of employee retention.


How to Hire Gen-Z?

Prioritize Campus Recruitment

Maintain a close tie with colleges and universities to connect with Gen-Z. Go digital with your recruitment hunt and use recruitment software for filtering applications and speeding up the process.

Enhance Your Career Site

Give your career page a nice makeover. Include the perks of working in your company, the culture you promote, your values, practices, mission, vision, about us, projects done, and more.

Revamp Your Job Description

Be very precise regarding the roles and responsibilities in your job description. According to data by Deloitte, 37% of the Gen-Z generation have rejected a job based on ethics. Showing the company’s core values and purpose will invite more job applications from Gen-Z

Make The Recruitment Process Fun

Gen-Z has figured out that they cannot forgo fun. They will quickly lose interest due to a tedious hiring process and the availability of alternative employment opportunities. They are interested in learning about the intriguing projects they have planned for the future. It’s ideal to highlight the variety of tasks and projects involved during the hiring process, as well as the areas in which candidates can develop abilities.

Let Them Refer And Earn

Money attracts Money, and Gen Z can attract other Gen Z to the workplace. Invite team members to suggest new applicants when there are new openings and reward them with incentives. Hearing about the workplace culture from the staff members themselves helps attract applicants to your company.

It takes more than free wifi and pizzas to attract Gen-Z to a workplace

So, How To Retain Gen Z In A Workplace?

  • Look Beyond Compensation
  • Provide them with Job Security
  • Give them development guidance
  • Onboard like you mean it
  • Build an environment of self-improvement
  • Encourage workplace flexibility
  • Value them as an individual
  • Welcome their curiosity
  • Employ strategies to reduce burnout

Gen-Z is raising the bar for employee standards. One of the main problems with hiring Gen-Z employees is that they are more inclined to change jobs if their expectations of the workplace do not match those of your company. To address these issues, initiatives that lessen burnout, enhance mental health and work-life balance, and provide new possibilities for learning and development should be developed.

Long Story Short

Keep up with time and stay true to values

While recruiting Gen-Z employees, you must keep in mind that they are young professionals with distinct professional goals who are looking for a mentor to support them in the corporate environment. Hiring and retaining individuals from this group requires having a thorough understanding of their values and providing them with an environment that supports them.

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