The Paradigm Shift Towards a Fluid Workplace – Does it work for the IT industry?

Remote work always existed, but it came into the limelight in 2023 As a consequence of the global pandemic, decision-makers across the world quickly ran out of options and accepted, willing or unwillingly, the possibilities of the work-from-home concept, reshaping the tech industry forever.  The historical narrative of remote development goes back nearly 50 years. Jack Nilles, […]

Significance of ASP DOT NET Core: Reasons to Adopt ASP DOT NET Core Framework for Web Development

Among the ever-increasing online clutter, businesses are looking for new and improved ways to interact with their users and customers. Web applications have emerged as a hot trend for eCommerce and many other industries. Progressive web apps (PWA) have shown significantly better results than mobile apps and regular websites. According to studies, PWAs can yield a 36% higher […]

5 Technology Trends 2020 Will Define the Post Pandemic World

The constantly evolving digital world is known for heavily influencing customer experiences, online interactions, along with shaping consumer expectations. With the COVID-19 outbreak, the pre-determined definitions of business and experiences have been widely changed. The expectations of physical spaces and stores have been completely re-defined, with new innovative methods of communicating. Digital transformation has been […]