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Mobile apps accounted for $65 Billion in consumer spending in the first half of 2021, continuing to revolutionise businesses in all sectors. Along with improved customer satisfaction, mobile apps can streamline complex business operations. For example, mobile apps can be used to simplify and efficiently manage day-to-day transport and logistics business operations, which is known to be a highly error-prone industry.

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When it comes to mobile app development, React Native is the first choice for React developers around the globe.

The high demand for React Native developers is no surprise! With a staggering rise in its popularity due to big names like Facebook, Bloomberg, Uber Eats, Airbnb, Discord, Instagram and Skype, React Native has proven to be a compelling react framework for mobile app development. Anyone would prefer React Native developers, after all, this React framework provides an enhanced user experience along with its feature-rich and interactive elements.

There has been a tremendous rise in its popularity since its inception in 2015:

tremendous rise

It’s one of the most popular cross-platform mobile app development frameworks, here’s a graph for better understanding:

mobile app development frameworks

Now that the significance of React Native in the mobile app development world is established, let us go over a brief introduction of the same.

What is React Native?

Developed by Facebook, React Native JS can be described as the newer version of React. While React is a JavaScript library used for building the frontend of websites, React Native is used for all-around mobile app development purposes.

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React Native is a JavaScript-based mobile app development framework. It is an all-in-one cross-platform react framework that can be used to build natively rendered robust and appealing mobile apps from scratch. Creating React Native app saves a lot of time as only one codebase is required for different platforms such as iOS and Android.
React Native has 97k Stars and 21.1k Forks on GitHub.

Major benefits of using React Native

1.Code Reusability and Cost-Effective

Code Reusability and Cost-Effective

Being a cross-platform mobile app development framework, React developers can use React Native JS to write one codebase for both developing apps on multiple platforms like iOS and Android. A few practical modifications may be needed, but 90% of the codebase can be reused between iOS and Android, saving a lot of time, effort and money in the process of creating react native apps.

2.Large Community Support

There is a large community supporting React developers at all times. React Native JS framework was developed by Facebook in 2013, and it has continuously grown as a community of JavaScript, React, and Native developers. A community-driven environment that is very beneficial for React developers as they have access to the expertise and knowledge of a large group of developers along with free catalogues, components, add-ons, and plug-ins while creative react native apps.

3.Live Reloading

Live Reloading

Live reloading is a highly efficient feature that lets the React developer see the result of the modifications made to the code, eliminating the need to restart the app entirely. React Native can show the code on one screen and display the results of the changes on another, saving a lot of valuable development time.

4.Modular Architecture

The modular architecture of React Native bifurcates the functions into interchangeable and independent blocks, which are called modules. This provides a flexible structure with improved efficiency that allows React developers to upgrade or modify the apps at a rapid pace.

5.Optimal Performance for Mobile

Optimal Performance for Mobile

Creating React Native apps can provide amazing performance on mobile devices as it utilises the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), unlike Native platforms where CPU (Central Processing Unit) is used.

As a cross-platform development framework compared to hybrid technologies, Apps built with React Native run at a rapid pace with efficient functionality.

React Native Developer Job Description

Looking for React developers for creating React Native apps is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Even though there is an abundance of React Native developers, looking for the right one can be arduous work. Striking a balance between experience, knowledge and attitude seems impossible at times.

But don’t worry, our software development experts have compiled this article to guide you through this daunting task.

Must have hard skills for React Native developers

Here’s a list of the React developer skills needed for technical efficiency:

  • Adept at using JavaScript as it is the core programming language for React Native app development;
  • Knowledge of React assumptions like Virtual DOM, component lifecycle and JSX;
  • Experience with React Native app development and familiar with React, related components, frameworks, libraries, APIs and more;
  • Knowledge of iOS and Android app development rules and guidelines;
  • Basic familiarity with Native technologies like Java, Kotlin, Objective-C and Swift;
  • Familiarity with important tools like Enzyme, HockeyApp and Redux.

Must have soft skills for React Native developers

Here’s a list of the React developer skills needed for behavioural efficiency:

  • Time Management skills to meet the expected deadlines;
  • Communication skills to understand clients’ needs and work with a team of developers;
  • Adaptability to expand their horizons and learn new skills on demand;
  • Problem-solving skills to overcome unforeseen hurdles during app development;
  • A modest and team player attitude.
Looking for React Native developers to build impactful and intuitive mobile applications?

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Now that you know what to look for in a React developer, let’s discuss how to find the best React Native developers to fulfil your app development needs.

Ways to Hire React Native Developers.

Let’s streamline the process further by discussing the best options to hire React developers:

1.Hire React Developers “In-house”

Hire React Developers “In-house”

The first option to hire React Native developer is recruiting a new employee. You have to prepare a budget plan and a hiring process with job offer advertisements across various employment-oriented platforms like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, Stackoverflow, etc.

You can hire React developer when you already have another team of specialists and want to include a fresher approach to your existing project.

  • LinkedIn: This platform provides a wide range of professional interactions! It provides a solid network for career development. You can review CVs, search for candidates and publish posts!
  • Glassdoor: This platform is also another platform that connects business professionals throughout the globe and even across many employees. You can find your ideal candidate with numerous filters and search features.
  • Indeed: One of the most comprehensive search engines for job hunting with access to millions of job opportunities from thousands of companies across all industries.


  • You get full control of the whole process;
  • Easy and streamlined communication while creating React native apps;
  • The newly hired developer will be a part of your work culture and available for projects in the future.


  • It is time-consuming to hire React developer permanently with a lengthy screening and interview process;
  • Difficult to find React Native developers for hire as they’re high in demand due to heavy competition;
  • High-risk situation if the new React Native developer ends up being unfit for your organization.

2.Hire React Developers “Freelancer”

This is a viable option if you’re not looking for a permanent employee and need someone for just a couple of React Native development projects. The searching process is quite quick as there’s an abundance of freelance developers online. You can find React Native freelancing developers for hire on platforms like Upwork, Toptal, and Fiverr, and check their profiles for short-listing the best candidates who suit your app development needs.

You can choose this option when you’re looking to hire React developers for short-term app development projects with heavy budget restrictions.

The average cost of freelancers on Upwork is $15-$55/hour.


  • Cost-effective for short term React Native development projects;
  • Pocket-friendly as you only pay for the hours worked on;
  • Reviews and feedback from previous hiring companies simplify the screening process.


  • This option to hire React developer is also time-consuming as it still requires a screening and interview process;
  • The freelancing React Native developer won’t be a part of your development team, leading to a lack of teamwork and engagement.

3.Hire React Developers “Full-Service Agency”

Hire React Developers “Full-Service Agency”

The traditional options mentioned above may take up to a month to find and hire a decent React Native developer, but you don’t have to go through such an arduous process if you decide to go with a full-service agency. A software development agency can easily provide you with an expert React Native developer or developers according to the complexities of your app development needs.

You can partner with a full-service agency to hire React Native developers when you want to make the most for your ROI and have a team of specialists working on your project.

But most businesses disregard the advantages of this option due to the misconceptions about it being an expensive option.


  • React Native developers in a full-service software development agency can easily integrate with your existing in-house development team, improving productivity;
  • Flexibility according to your app development requirements and timings;
  • Streamlined, accurate and focused delivery process;
  • Eliminates the screening and interviewing process and saves valuable time as React Native developers can get started with the project remotely;
  • An ideal software development agency would provide you with the best React Native developers who can deliver impeccable code quality;
  • Continuous post-development support for updates and maintenance.


  • Choosing a software development partner is generally more expensive than hiring a freelancer or an in-house developer. But the price increase is worth it because of the quality of work you’ll receive and the time you’ll save by eliminating the lengthy hiring process;
  • This option is sometimes not viable for short-term projects.


The most trustworthy platform that provides honest and accurate reviews of React Native development companies. It allows you to check portfolios and feedback given by clients about the concerned companies.

It aids your search for software development partners by displaying other important characteristics like- Minimum project size, Average hourly rate, Number of employees, Development focus, Client focus, Industry focus and more.

Top 5 React Native development agencies by Clutch:

  1. Communication Crafts
  2. ChopDawg
  3. Foxbox Digital
  4. Brocoders
  5. Spire Digital

Communication Crafts has been reviewed and rated as one of the leading firms by Clutch!

Communication Crafts: Full-Service React Native Development Partner

Communication Crafts is a leading React Native development agency. With 16+ years of experience and 1000’s of international projects throughout all industries, we leverage one-of-a-kind and high-quality app development services. From React Native app support and maintenance to cross-platform and hybrid mobile app development, our team of React Native developers are well versed in creating feature-rich, interactive, and high-end applications. Enhance your business by hiring our React Native developers.

We provide end-to-end mobile app development solutions that captivate your existing audience, increase organic traffic and maximise ROI with ease.

Why Hire React Native Developers from Communication Crafts?


  • You will be in our constant loop throughout the React Native development team screening and selection process;
  • Work with experienced and skilled React Native developers;
  • Our developers are available for 5 days a week & 8 hours a day;
  • The team of dedicated React Native developers will only work on your project, enabling high-end productivity;
  • Get daily reporting on your custom React Native project;
  • Assign one or multiple projects and scale your React Native development team as you like;
  • Hire React developers anytime in the future or keep them on-board for app updates and maintenance;
  • Get a flexible and dedicated team of React Native developers for high-quality and user-centric mobile app solutions.
  • Get mobile app developers who are highly skilled with other mobile development technologies as well:
    • iOS: Swift and Objective-C
    • Android: Core Java and XML
    • Cross-platform: React Native, Flutter, Ionic and Xamarin

Simple and Effective 7 Step Process for React Native Mobile App Development:

  1. Resource Gathering
  2. Ideation and Strategy
  3. UI/UX Design
  4. Application Development
  5. Application Testing
  6. Application Deployment
  7. Management, Maintenance and Promotion

Flexible Hiring Models by Communication Crafts:

Working Hours8 hours/day & 5 days/week8 hours/day & 5 days/week8 hours/day & 5 days/week
CommunicationEmail, Skype and PhoneEmail, Skype and PhoneEmail, Skype and Phone
BillingMonthlyMonthlyHourly (As per rate)
Hiring PeriodMinimum 1 monthMinimum 1 monthMinimum 25 hours

Flexible Hiring Approaches by Communication Crafts:

  1. Project-Based: If you have innovative mobile app ideas that you need to start from scratch, then this business model is for you. From ideation, implementation to a user-centric and performance-driven mobile app that resonates well with your audience and empowers your business growth.
  2. Hire an Expert Team: If you need to hire resources or a dedicated team to work on specific technologies to scale your mobile app, then this business approach is for you. Our team of experts will create advanced mobile app development solutions for your custom requirements, helping you enhance your app’s overall performance and deliver the desired results.

For further assistance or queries regarding React Native mobile app development, feel free to contact us. Our expert React Native developers are always at your service.

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