Laravel Framework: An All-Round Solution for Successful Web Development

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The blend of a Native app and a browser website is known as a web application.They’re run on a browser without the need to download from an app store, but exhibit all the features of a mobile app.

Web applications are one of the hottest trends in eCommerce and many other industries. Delivering flawless user experiences can leadto lost-lasting brand loyalty and increased brand awareness.

Web applications have shown a 36% higher conversion rate than mobile apps with 50% higher user engagement.

Business owners are looking for better ways to develop web applications to meet their business goals efficiently.

And this is where Laravel service providers come into play!

Being one of the most popular PHP frameworks, web developers can’t get enough of the endless benefits and features exhibited by Laravel.

Before we begin, let’s understand the Laravel definition.

Laravel Definition: What is Laravel Technology?

Laravel: The PHP Framework For Web Artisans

Initially released in 2011, Laravel was developed by Taylor Otwell in an attempt to create a modern substitute for the CodeIgniter framework.

Laravel is an open-sourced PHP framework used for building robust and dynamic web applications with ease. One of the blessings for Laravel developers is that it comprises many useful features of various programming languages like RoR and other PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter and Yii.

Here’s a Google Trends comparison between the top PHP frameworks in the last 12 months:

Image source: Google Trends

With 1.4 million live websites, Laravel technology is one of the most preferred and prevalent PHP frameworks in 2021, proving its significance in the field of web development.

Now that we’ve discussed the Laravel definition and its importance, let’s explore the factors that make it so desirable for web application development.

Laravel Benefits: What are the advantages of the Laravel framework?

Here are the top 9 reasons why you should opt for a Laravel service provider:

1. High Usability:

With so many libraries, templates, and tools, the Laravel framework is very developer-friendly. This perk lets you build powerful web applications from scratch, eliminating the need for writing lines of code repeatedly.

Along with object-oriented programming, you can utilize JavaScript, HTML, or CSS to meet your desired web development goals.

The ease of developing multi-lingual apps with Laravel is the cherry on the cake in this category. Laravel service providers can easily create feature-rich and high-functioning web applications for your business.

2. Unmatched Security:

With over 2,200 cyberattacks per day, web security is one of the most important factors for businesses in the digital era.

Security is one of the major benefits of opting for Laravel services. Full-proof security cannot be guaranteed by any web development framework, but Laravel technology provides adequate features to prevent cyberattacks and deliver a safe online experience for your users.

Laravel’s Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) utilizes PDO that fends off hidden or unintended SQL injections. Moreover, its syntax and other security features help you avoid cross-site request forgery and cross-site scripting.

The in-built security system of Laravel also features efficient authorization and authentication, providing a safeguard against unauthorized or unregistered users.

Laravel is undoubtedly the best choice for building a secure web application.

Check out the in-depth blog on OWASP’s top 10 list of security risks to learn more about web application vulnerability.

3. High Performance:

Laravel service

Laravel services are the most preferred option for enterprise-grade businesses, offering high-end performance and features.

With an efficient cache storing system, the Laravel web framework provides rapid development speed. Laravel service providers can also add custom features to the web application for optimum performance.

Integrating tools like Redis and Memcached during development further boosts the web application’s performance.

4. Open-Sourced Nature & Strong Community:

This is a major benefit of choosing a Laravel service provider. The open-sourced nature gives you control over the development process, offering high flexibility and a completely transparent development process.

Developing the codebase for a web application without any assistance seems like a nightmare, but the Laravel web framework solves this concern with powerful community support. Web developers can easily avail help from other professionals and experts for overcoming challenges faced during development.

Having strong community support also means that Laravel technology is updated and maintained regularly. Moreover, the community of Laravel is constantly growing with more than 48k members already, providing a wide range of resources and documentation for a smooth sailing development process.

The maturity of a web framework is of utmost importance, and Laravel proves this feature with more than 67k stars and 21k forks on GitHub.

5. Blade Templating:

Blade Templating engine is one of the most significant features of the Laravel web framework. Web developers can easily use pre-made templates to build the codebase quickly, providing an intuitive and lightweight method for web development.

Some examples of the available blade directives:

  • If Statements
  • Switch Statements
  • Loops
  • The Loop Variable
  • Conditional Classes
  • Including Subviews
  • RawPHP
  • Comments

Unlike other PHP templating systems, Laravel does not restrict the web developer and allows them to use their own PHP codes.

6. Effortless Database Migration:

 web developer

Easy data migration is a major advantage of using the Laravel web framework, allowing the developers to easily and efficiently modify the database of a web application.

Data migration in a PHP framework is a painful task, but Laravel solves this issue quite effectively. Laravel offers an easy and straightforward way to migrate and modify data, so the developers can scale a web application without hassle.

Additionally, this feature allows the Laravel service provider to undo recently made modifications to the codebase and reduces the risk of data loss.

7. MVC Architecture:

The Model-View-Controller architecture offers optimal performance and a plethora of functionalities for your website or web application.

MVC separates the application logic into components, providing a simplified development process for web developers. The Model, View, and Controller can be separately developed and managed.

Along with rapid development speed, the MVC structure provides asynchronous development, enhanced performance, efficient documentation, and multiple Views for a single Model.

This feature also allows multiple developers to collaborate and makes it easier to spot mistakes and bugs.

Most PHP frameworks don’t have an MVC architecture, and this is one of the biggest reasons for Laravel’s popularity.

8. Simplified Unit Testing:

Post-development testing is a significant part of web development, which makes this feature a pivotal benefit of choosing a Laravel service provider.

Unit testing is the phase of post-development where the developer thoroughly checks each component of the web application for potential bugs or mistakes.

Laravel offers easy unit testing, allowing you to deliver impeccable web applications with a bug-free user experience.

9. Scalability & Traffic Handling:

Traffic Handling

The main objective of a web application for business is to drive more traffic every day. Traffic attracts more and more users to your business website. Traffic represents the visits and requests that your web application receives.

The traffic keeps increasing along with the load on hosting. Furthermore, the hosting expenses will rise automatically. Without hosting up-gradation, a web application load time increases, which ultimately results in a bounce rate spike.

That’s why the Laravel web framework is highly recommended. It offers an automated message queue system and acts as a load balancer in the web application.

It guarantees that the web application’s queue is free with healthy hosting.

This function improves the functioning speed and maintains the database. Laravel simplifies hosting up-gradation according to traffic and delivers enough space to save data in the server.

Final Thoughts
Laravel is the most popular PHP framework for many reasons, providing an easy and efficient path for web application development.

From high usability and in-built security features to high scalability and effortless post-development testing, Laravel is an all-around solution for successful web application development.

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