Landing Pages – How to Increase The Conversions Easily

Landing Pages – How to Increase The Conversions Easily_banner

Landing pages – the chief ingredient for any businesses to flourish online. Landing pages serve as a magnet that helps turn leads into prospects and prospects into loyal customers.

The landing page is the face of any brand that does business online. Through digital platforms, it simply introduces the leads to the products or services a brand has to offer and why it is an ideal choice compared to their competitors.

But what is a Landing Page?

A landing page can be your homepage or another page within your website, or it can be a standalone page created for a specific campaign, sale, or product. Figuring out a way to funnel the traffic to a specific destination on your website that would help convert leads to customers is basically what a landing page does.

It usually has no external or internal links except for the Call to Action (CTA) – which we will discuss later on. Usually, most of the landing pages incorporate both images and creative copy text that draws the user towards the desired income-generating page of a company’s website.

Though using landing pages is extensively adopted by the digital marketers across the globe, only a few from the lot understand clearly what makes a landing page work so effectively.

It doesn’t have to be a complete do-over of the landing page. Even the smallest changes can yield the best results. We at Communication Crafts have been creating landing pages for our client’s businesses since years, which also have helped significantly increase their customer base!

Finding it tough generating income or scaling your business using landing pages? It’s not as tough as it might look, let see how to make it work effectively.

10 Strategies for High-Converting Landing Pages

1. Write an attention grasping headline

Write an attention grasping headline

While many consumers will go through all of the content on the landing page, some will never even manage to get past the headline. Write a creative headline and half of your work of persuading the leads is already done! But have a dull headline and you’ve lost your hard-earned leads! Such is the power a headline can have.

While brainstorming ideas for the headline, think about what aspect of the products you have offer will your target audience relate to. Why is your product the ideal solution for their problem? How do you solve it?

Talk about the customer’s pain points and realistic solutions your products can offer. The goal of the headline is to easily captivate your audience’s attention. Simple as that. The headline is where everything begins — interest, attention, and understanding of the brand.

2. A hooking sub-heading

A persuasive sub-heading to fuel the viewer’s interest even more! The headline gets the viewer hooked on the landing page, the sub-heading should make them want to stay. Think of a persuasive sub-headline that focuses on something that would engage the audience to take the desired action.

Depending on the design of the landing page, the subheading can be up to two or three times as long as the headline. But make sure to be crisp & concise in the message delivery that will entice the target audience.

3. Engaging visuals people would love

Engaging visuals people would love

Visual content is the chief ingredient of all landing pages. People absorb images much faster than text. The pictures should be:

  • Large in size.
  • High-quality images appealing to watch.
  • Grabs the attention of the audience & shows the relevance of the product/service that you are selling.

The best landing pages have images that reflect their brand’s values, beliefs, and culture that help form a personal relationship with their customers. Design a copy of your landing pages as such and it is sure to increase your sales.

4. Just the right color combination

Getting the right colors & design on the landing pages help create a great first impression of the website. People’s moods align differently to the different colors they will see on the landing pages.

The colors used can help draw attention to specific elements by contrasting these elements against the background color. From understanding how the potential customer’s behavior is, to the age bracket- it all goes into deciding the right colors to use. Many businesses struggle with this so they hire the pros who know their way around creating the most beneficial UI/UX design for the landing pages.

This is why professional digital marketing companies always have so many success stories of gaining a noticeable increase in customers for their clients.

A great UI/UX design contributes more than half of the success for increasing business sales. Why is that? Read this and find out!

5. Offer a guarantee

Offer a guarantee

One of the landing page essentials. Nothing convinces the potential customers in a more reliable way than a guarantee does! It takes the pressure off of them because the customer doesn’t have to worry about losing their money if they find no value in the product. They can get a full refund.

This not only emphasizes the brands’ commitment to providing the best customer service amongst the competitors but also is a very powerful psychological asset that can make the leads just to buy the product out of curiosity. There is no harm for them to try if they get a full refund in case they don’t like it. On the contrary, if they love it, they are sure to share the products with their friends and family! It’s a win-win!

6. Make sure the pages load fast

No one likes staring at their mobile screens, waiting for a website page to load! Even if the landing page takes five seconds to load, the viewers might not even want to see the landing page anymore! Landing pages should be quick to load, especially since many people will land on them from their mobile devices. Optimizing & testing the performance of the landing pages is an essential process to undertake before rolling it out online.

7. Honest customer testimonials

Honest customer testimonials

The greatest testimonials are the ones you don’t need to ask for. When customers volunteer to write about their experience using your brand’s products, make sure to not let that opportunity pass!

The more intriguing way you list reasons to buy, the more likely the customers will relate with it and will end up buying your products.
Make sure you include the customer’s experience on the landing pages and it is sure to create a success story for the brand!

Here are some ways you can unleash the power of customer testimonies! 

8. Persuasive CTA button

The landing pages, in its essence, are created for the sole purpose of getting those hard-earned leads to buy the products! And that is achieved is by a powerful ‘Call to Action’ button.

After all, this is the main element on which the rest of the landing page copy is designed- to get the leads to engage with it. The actual CTA copy should be compelling. Rather than use dull phrases like “Submit” or “Click on this!”, instead use something explosive & exciting. Something like “Compare features” or ” Get your free trial!”. This is sure to get the customers’ attention and make them engage with the CTA. Also incorporating contrasting colors for the CTA can help attract the eye and enforce the click.

9. Get the homepage video right

Your average viewer will spend 90% more time on the website due to the homepage video. Even the homepage serves as a landing page at times. That’s why the video on the homepage should be simple and crisp, that can easily entice the customers to spend even more time there.

Here is everything you need to know about the do’s and dont’s of getting the homepage design just right!

Need help creating effective landing pages? Let us help you!

Creating the best landing pages strategies can bring in audiences from multiple social media platforms and demographics that can help increase the popularity of your brand. Go with a pro and make video marketing work for your company!

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