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Before starting any software development project, the first thing that comes to a developer’s mind is which technology stack to choose. Choosing between the MEAN stack and the MERN stack is like choosing between fluffy cat videos or cute dog videos. Hard choices are difficult to make. And, we may plump for retrievers but anyways we were talking about the best technology stack, MEAN or MERN?


Let us make it easy for you.
But before that, we need to understand what a technology stack is.

What Is Stack?

When a developer creates a web or mobile application, they use a collection of programming languages called a “tech stack.” A tech stack is a collection of languages used to manage client-side and server-side (also known as front-end and back-end) infrastructure, and it is possible to gauge an applicant’s strengths and shortcomings by simply looking at its tech stack.

The technology stack has become essential for building maintainable and scalable applications.

How Do We Pick the Best Stack?

Before making a choice on the MERN vs MEAN stack, think about the following:

  • What are the requirements for your project?
  • Do you want speed?
  • Do you want to go above and beyond the requirements of the project to attract more viewers?
  • Is your group/business qualified and experienced in this area?
  • Do you have a flexible and scalable development team?
  • What is the final cost of development?

What Is Mean Stack?

MEAN stack is used to develop full-stack web applications. It is based on a Javascript framework and named after MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js. Mean stack is used for faster development and deployment of web applications.

What Is Mean Stack?

Helps create powerful and responsive databases.

Helps maintain code accuracy.

Helps maintain code accuracy.

Helps in the smooth data flow among all the application parts.

Helps in providing a better run-time environment.

Why Mean Stack?

The usage of a single language for both the client side and server side makes the MEAN stack superior to other options. Since JavaScript is used for all of these technologies, your web development process is organized. Node.js has made it possible to implement JavaScript on the server side. It is simpler to reuse code from the back end to the front end when using Angular.js and JavaScript on the front end.

The MEAN stack provides a modern method for web development. It also makes use of the flexibility of current SPAs (single-page apps), which unlike the majority of conventional web applications do not require a complete page refresh for each server request.

Famous companies using MEAN stack:
Linkedin, Netflix, Uber, Trello, Paypal, eBay, NASA, Walmart, and many more.

Famous companies using MEAN stack

What Is Mern Stack?

The acronym MERN stands for MongoDB, Express, React, and Node. MERN is an additional open-source framework that streamlines and accelerates development. MERN is the top platform for creating hybrid web and mobile apps.

With the MERN design, creating a three-tier architecture (front end, back end, database) is simple and can be done completely in JavaScript and JSON.

What Is Mern Stack?

Stores back-end applications.

Looks after website functionality and structure

Facilitates creative the UI of single-page web applications

Lets a machine run javascript

Why Mern Stack?

The MERN stack’s goal is to develop apps using only JavaScript, allowing for faster application development.
But, Is the MERN stack still popular?

The MERN stack’s primary benefit is that it is a platform that offers organizations and enterprises the agility, performance, and intelligence they require to advance their operations. Since all web users now require high-performance levels and interactivity, JavaScript is at the core of many technologies that enable developers to create and deploy websites that offer rich user experiences similar to desktop and mobile apps.

Mean Vs Mern Stack: The Key Differences

Mean Vs Mern Stack: The Key Differences

Mean Stack Vs Mern Stack, How To Choose?

These technology stacks, MEAN and MERN, are open source. Express.js, MongoDB, and Node.js are the three technologies they share.

Both Angular JS and React JS are focused on structuring the UI layer components and rendering them with the best possible code. Both of them have access to a wide range of documentation, model codes, and tutorials.

MERN vs MEAN Stack has gained popularity due to the popularity of Angular vs. React. The AngularJS framework is well-known and has grown in popularity for creating responsive web applications. React, on the other hand, has recently shown to be a game-changer for front-end programming.

The use of the Angular and React JS libraries, respectively, is the main difference between the MEAN and MERN stacks. The decision between MEAN and MERN might be rather difficult because both frameworks focus on UI-level abstraction. On the one hand, Google Inc. supports Angular JS, whereas Facebook Inc. created React JS. Each of them has the support of influential business people as a result.

Before making your choice on the MERN stack vs Mean Stack, you must concentrate on a variety of factors.

What factors influence your choice when you are juggling in the MEAN stack vs the MERN stack?

  • Enterprise-Level Project
  • UI Essentials
  • Three-Thirds Party Support
  • Large-Scale Apps
  • Niche Projects

Additionally, given the variety of technological stacks on the market, you can find it challenging to invest in a focused project. Your decision to select the technological stack will be influenced by the overall project requirements, which need to be carefully analyzed.

MEAN is the approach to use if you want to create a bigger project. Depending on your needs and budget, MERN will assist you in developing web apps of different sizes.

In short, there isn’t an ideal stack in the development industry. You must be mindful of the project’s requirements as well as your best-suited budget limit to select the appropriate stack.

Choosing can be a daunting task, but we have you covered.

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