Top 3 PHP Frameworks for Agile Application Development

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Do your software development projects usually overshoot budget and time deadline. Choosing the best-fit PHP development framework offers PHP developers greater flexibility and enables them to develop successful application.

Agile application development offers better engagement, transparency and customer focus while making the process faster and more efficient. The iterative nature of agile application development helps project team execute a lean, interactive approach with better product quality and faster speed-to-market which reduces the development costs. While the rather time-boxed scheduled sprints ensure that the cost is predictable, the small incremental releases help identify and respond to issues early on. Choosing the right PHP framework can help you leverage the expertise and experience of your dedicated team of PHP developers.

We list the top 5 PHP frameworks of PHP that offer qualities like easy installation, low configuration, and ability to reuse part of code, good documentation and many such more.


Considered the most popular PHP framework by PHP developers, Laravel features brilliant, expressive and immaculate syntax. It uses general bits of code and low-level modules that help deliver great quality even at low cost. The Controllers and RESTful resource controllers make it is easy to grasp. Built with testing in mind, Laravel makes implementing authentication easy as also comes with an easy-to-use approach to routing. It is tailored for the team and keeps everybody in sync using its Database Agnostic migrations and schema builders. Moreover the amazing ORM, painless routing, easy to integrate third party libraries powerful queue library and simple authentication give you the tools for a modern, sustainable PHP development.

CC Advantage Edge:

Our PHP developers at CC Advantage have used expertise in Laravel to successfully build leading multi-category marketplace ground-up and India’s first and only platform for home and office interior products & services within a budget and timeline.

Cake PHP:

CakePHP makes building PHP applications simpler, faster while requiring less code. The flexible database access layer and powerful scaffolding system makes building both small and complex systems simpler. The structured and rapid manner helps to build application very quickly and thus reduce development time. Not only does the bake console reduce the development time with its bake feature which generates code, components like AuthComponent, Sessions and Helpers provide convenience methods to developers to reuse the code that’s already written.

CC Advantage Edge:

CC Advantage has demonstrated expertise in CakePHP by working with trailblazer courier technology clients and one of world’s premier employment site for blue collar workers. They both chose CC Advantage’s rich talent pool to select highly talented PHP developers who they could trust of doing a great job.


Powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, Codeignitor offers a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. It is a lean MVC framework with enough capabilities to improve productivity while providing for third-party plugins and good set of inbuilt libraries and helpers for added functionality. Codeignitor has compatibility with standard hosting and comes with simple, substitution based, and templating tool. It provides excellent documentation and exceptional performance.

Our expert PHP developers at CC Advantage have worked on all major PHP frameworks. When you hire full stack PHP developers from CC Advantage you also get access to our scalable infrastructure to execute your projects. Contact us to hire PHP developers for your projects today.

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