Don’t overlook these MUST DOs while Hiring a Node.js Developer

Why are tech giants still romanticizing Node.js? Let’s find out.

The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress. And when we talk about progress, we are hinting toward some impeccable transformations done by exceptional technology in application development. Yes, it’s none other than Node.js. Over 30 million websites use Node.js, tempting businesses of all sizes with its game-changing benefits such as reduced startup time, innovative features, and seamless scalability.

Ever since Ryan Dahl introduced Node.js 13 years ago, it has become the top choice for tech giants to build real-time, fast, and high-traffic applications.

Ever since Ryan Dahl introduced Node.js 13 years ago, it has become the top choice for tech giants to build real-time, fast, and high-traffic applications.

Hiring a Node.js Developer

Amazon, Netflix, eBay, Reddit, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and PayPal, are all using Node.js extensively. There are ample reasons why Node.js can benefit your company. But before we jump to that, let’s first understand What is Node.js exactly?

What is Node.js?

A server-side framework called Node.js is used to create scalable web applications. It involves the use of Javascript and provides key building blocks and capabilities to make the development of huge apps faster. It includes extra libraries and functionalities to help developers create complex applications more quickly.


Hiring Node.js developers can be an easy and smooth procedure, but it cannot be done with our eyes shut. There are a few roles and responsibilities and a skill set to have an eye for while hiring a Node.js developer. But before we begin with how to hire Node.js developers, let’s understand the employment type of Node.js developers before hiring.

Employment type


Hiring globally gives several doors of opportunity to select the top applicant in this fiercely competitive market. Since the pandemic, remote recruiting has been the new standard, and there are numerous benefits that cannot be overlooked.


Like any traditional hiring, In- house hiring of Node.js developers works best because new hires are already a part of your team and are familiar with your culture and procedures.


For start-ups or mid-size companies, hiring freelance Node.js developers can be both time and money-saving, when it comes to fixing minor bugs or carrying out minor improvements.

The Creator. The expediter. The Administrator

They wear too many hats!


Node.js developers are extensively involved in the development of code for the Windows, iOS, and Android platforms as well as the design of user interfaces. When working on a project to develop a Node.js mobile app, Node.js developers are dedicated to the following responsibilities:

  1. Write clean and efficient codes.
  2. Incorporate cybersecurity and data interpretation measures.
  3. Fix bugs and provide technical support to users.
  4. Implementing security protocols, data protection measures, and storage solutions.
  5. Recommending and Implementing improvements to processes and technologies.
  6. Staying updated with the advancement in the field of Node.js development.

Skills to look for before hiring a Node.js developer-

They say, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it, you will land among the stars”. And thus, we have listed down some of the most in-demand skills for Node.js developers that will help you land amongst the stars of Node.js developers.

  • Technical expertise
  • Coding abilities
  • Working knowledge of the Node.js framework
  • Familiarity with DevOps and Agile approaches
  • Front-end development knowledge
  • Database Administration

Each Node.js developer has unique support skills, and you must find the one whose abilities best match your requirements

Interview Questions

Asking the right questions leads to the hiring of the right candidate. After clarifying the roles, responsibilities, and skill sets required according to your business or project, it is crucial to ask appropriate questions to hire the ideal candidate. Here we have compiled a list of questions you can look into before hiring:

  1. How does concurrency work in Node.js?
  2. What is REPL? What purpose is it used for?
  3. What is the preferred method of handling unhandled exceptions in Node.js?
  4. What is an error-first callback?
  5. What tools can be used to assist consistent style?
  6. What skills do you have in Node.js?
  7. Explain what Reactor Pattern is in Node.js.
  8. Explain NodeJs web application architecture.
  9. How many types of API functions are available in Node.js?
  10. Do you specialize in front-end development or back-end development?
  11. What is an event loop?
  12. What are the exit codes for Node.js?

Five reasons WHY Node.js is a total savior!

Ever since Node.js was introduced, the lives of developers and business operations have completely changed and modified. Be it shopping, chatting, gaming, emailing, tracking data, or social media, Node.js provides an all-in-one platform addressing all the issues and helping the users manage applications smoothly.

1- Fast delivery

Node.js functions in V8, just like JavaScript. It is a runtime environment that converts the web developer’s written code into machine code, which is a collection of simple instructions for the computer that don’t need to be interpreted. This helps low-level code run quickly and be recognized by computers.

2- High scalability

One of the main benefits of a Node.js developer is that it allows multiple nodes to run simultaneously and interact with each other. It is a single-threaded language that uses multiple threads in the background to execute asynchronous code. Based on the interest, age, location, or language, Node.js aids in showing different versions of apps to the users, reducing workload and increasing personalization.

3- Quicker app response

Developers can leverage from a single cache module thanks to Node.js’ open-source nature. As a result, web developers can load web pages more quickly because the codes don’t need to be executed again. These apps’ quick responses allow users to navigate them more quickly.

4- Powerful community support

Millions of developers are actively contributing to the development of Node.js. Real-time chat, Stack overflow, and Dev community are some of the excellent platforms to ask questions and share information related to Node.js.

5- Easy to learn and quick to adapt

Based on Javascript, Node.js is one of the most popular programming languages making it easy to adapt and utilize. Even a beginner and junior developer can learn and work with Node.js in less time and effort.


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