The Impact of EdTech StartUps On the Education Industry

EdTech Industry

There’s not a shred of doubt left that EdTech is the future of education.

Education has been going through a technological transformation for years, and EdTech startups are a by-product of this transformation.

The EdTech market has been on a steep rise since its inception, revolutionizing the education industry with global projections reaching a figure of $325 billion by 2025.

EdTech StartUps

Since the early 2000s, new EdTech startups have emerged, prospered and flourished around the globe. Here are the top 12 EdTech companies that stood the test of time:

 Education Industry

The ease of use, convenience of remote learning and maximised knowledge retention are some of the benefits that are compelling universities, institutes and businesses to adopt modern learning methods with the help of EdTech startups.

Now that the importance of EdTech is well established, let’s delve deeper and understand the advantages of EdTech startups and their impact on the education industry.

The Benefits of EdTech StartUps

Education related startups can enhance the learning experience for students around the globe. With a wide range of benefits, eLearning startups are gaining popularity and transforming the way we perceive education completely.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of EdTech startups:

Unlimited Learning Access:

Technology in education has impacted the lives of students all over the world, delivering 24×7 learning accessibility and a limitless source of online learning materials.

The mobility and flexibility of EdTech startups are unparalleled. Access to the internet can facilitate online classes and a modern learning environment for students whenever and wherever they want.

Education technology startups have eliminated the need to look for and carry books, minimised the amount of required paperwork and enabled a boundless learning platform for taking courses or training programs. Additionally, students can always refer back to the course materials or videos of previous webinars and online classes whenever needed.

Personalized Learning:

Personalized Learning:

Providing the same course structure for every student is a major drawback of the traditional learning methods and online education startups can effectively solve this issue with ease.

Personalized learning experiences are vital for students to unlock their true potential. Every student has specific needs, and addressing unique needs can lead to a comfortable learning experience for students and teachers alike.

Individualised learning structure enables the students to learn at their own pace, without being rushed through important concepts and topics.

Education related startups can also provide the teachers with real-time performance evaluations of the students, making it easy for the teachers to bridge the gaps in knowledge and easily create a personalized course structure.

Online training programs or eLearning courses can be easily customized according to the students’ strengths, weaknesses, interests, skills, etc.

Streamlined Communication:

Education technology startups can bridge the communication gap between parents and teachers. Parents can freely communicate with the teachers to gain insight into the students’ learning experiences and performances, making it relatively easy for them to solve specific issues or setbacks in a student’s learning process.

Moreover, EdTech startups boost collaboration around the globe. Students can collaborate with other students from different corners of the planet to participate in team-based projects or discuss different perspectives on different concepts. The same goes for the teaching faculty, teachers can collaborate around the world to discuss different teaching methods and plan unique course structures or training programs.

Modern Technologies:

Modern Technologies:

eLearning startups can utilise educational apps to implement different technologies in the eLearning process.

Artificial intelligence or AI can be used with machine learning to automate simple tasks like grading papers and performance assessment, saving time and boosting efficiency.

Augmented Reality or AR and Virtual Reality or VR can be used to create a completely interactive and immersive learning experience. Concepts or topics that can’t be perceived normally by us like physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, etc. can be thoroughly taught using virtual objects and animations.

Google Sky Map is an AR app that is used to study Astronomy. Students can point their phone cameras towards the sky to identify and learn the different positions of different stars, constellations, planets, etc.

Elements 4D is another AR app that utilises wooden blocks and a phone camera to display different properties of elements for learning Chemistry with ease.

The Aviation industry has been using AR/VR technology to train pilots in safe environments. The flying experience with different aspects like multiple terrains, navigation systems, weather conditions can be easily simulated with AR/VR.

The Impact of EdTech StartUps

Employee Upskilling

EdTech startups have widened the scope for corporate employees across different industries. Training programs for CEOs and managers can be easily facilitated by teaching startups.

Upskilling of the workforce is very important for organizations, especially during the pandemic. Important roles may require sudden replacements because of health-related issues and lower-ranking employees can be easily trained for those roles with EdTech related startups.

Teaching relevant skills by assessing gaps in skill is a blessing for organizations, making it easier to reach the desired goals with a well-trained workforce. After all, eLearning methods require 40%-60% less employee time compared to the traditional learning methods.

EdTech startups can also be used for orientation purposes. New employees can be taught required skills, the company policies, rules and regulations with the help of learning management systems or LMS.

Knowledge of Different Arts

Let’s set aside academic education for a while because there are various other fields of knowledge like music, dance, painting, etc.
Students who are interested in learning artistic subjects find eLearning courses for the same. These subjects require a whole new level of focus, determination and a strong foundation.

Different instructors for music, dance, painting and more can be employed by the education technology startups for delivering effective courses in the field of arts remotely. There are currently many educational apps that can be used for learning different instruments like Guitar, Violin, Casio, Drums, etc.

Game-based learning and Gamification

Game-based learning

Game-based learning is the use of game-like environments with digital or non-digital games for teaching purposes, educational games include role-playing, team-based games, full-fledged digital games, customized board games, and more.

Gamification is the use of game-like elements in the learning process of the students to keep them engaged and involved. Different elements like quizzes, winning badges, point-system, leaderboards, trophies, level-based learning, etc. are used in the learning experience to integrate a sense of competition, progression and rewarding results.

Pulse is a game-based learning technique used by the healthcare sector to simulate different stressful and unpredictable medical scenarios. It uses cutting-edge graphics for a completely immersive experience for medical professionals to practice in safe environments.

Duolingo is a language learning app that utilises gamification techniques to keep the users captivated and make the learning process more fun. Elements like point-system, different levels, losing lives, competing with friends, and rewards after completing lessons keep the users engaged in the language learning process.

ThinkWrite is an EdTech platform that helps children significantly improve their handwriting. Here at Communication Crafts, we leveraged the latest technologies to implement different gamification techniques like puzzles, memory games, matching games, adorable animal characters and so on, introducing an appealing and captivating learning experience for the kids.

For a more in-depth article on Game-Based Learning.

Multi-Media eLearning

Online education startups can facilitate the use of multi-media learning for students. eLearning experiences with different kinds of media like images and videos instead of just text-based learning provide a much deeper understanding of the concepts and boost problem-solving skills.

Traditional training methods provide a knowledge retention rate of only 8%-10%, whereas the knowledge retention rate with multimedia eLearning is 25%-60%, making it one of the most effective USPs for EdTech startups.

Moreover, students feel much more interested and engaged when taught using images and videos, students can also refer back to the videos to revise and fill the gaps in knowledge.

A Diverse Learning Experience

EdTech startups can break the barriers of knowledge by delivering efficient learning materials, training programs, educational courses and private tutoring anywhere and at any time.

Specially designed educational apps or online courses can be delivered to effectively teach differently-abled students who can’t get access to education through traditional classroom methods.

EdTech startups can easily overcome geographical barriers by delivering online courses and training programs remotely.

Language barriers are also not an issue for EdTech startups as they can hire multilingual teachers/instructors and provide course materials in the required languages.

Final Thoughts

Technology is reshaping the way we perceive training and education. EdTech startups are thriving and gaining popularity now more than ever.

Modern eLearning methods have displayed better knowledge retention than conventional learning methods and Education Tech startups are enhancing training methods and educational courses across the globe.

With many features and benefits, EdTech startups have had a considerable impact on the education industry, providing a more engaging and captivating learning experience for the students.

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EdTech is the future of education, and we make sure it stays bright!

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