CakePHP vs Laravel, The ShowDown

Laravel Vs CakePHP

Who’s the rockstar?

See, if we tell you the answer directly, you may immediately regret it, or maybe you’ll strongly agree to it. So before directly jumping to a conclusion, let’s quickly get the details on

What is CakePHP?  What is Laravel? What are the Key differences between Laravel vs CakePHP? And yes, Which is better: Laravel or CakePHP?

The digital landscape is constantly evolving and it takes a lot of work to grab consumers’ attention. According to BuiltWith, Laravel has been steadily growing in popularity, with more than 700,000 live sites using it, whereas 1,20,000 websites use CakePHP.

So which framework should a developer choose? Let’s find out.

What is CakePHP model?

CakePHP is a fast and open-source web development framework that reduces the amount of code needed to create web applications. The primary goal of CakePHP is to enable working in a structured and rapid manner without losing flexibility. It has several libraries to reduce the burden of the most basic tasks.

Why use the CakePHP framework?


  1. One of the quickest platforms for web development.
  2. Provides developers with better control over the data and SQL queries.
  3. Aids in building a solid web application without sacrificing their flexibility
  4. Enables developers to build websites with a smaller scope while still using (nearly) all of Laravel’s features.


  • The major problem is routing because one needs to update default routes in order to update URLs.
  • Documentation is weak as compared to other frameworks, 
  • Slow upgrading as a consequence of tedious and time-consuming migration
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SeatGeek, Zumba, Edureka, Wicked Weasel, and more are some of the famous applications developed using the CakePHP framework.

Okay, not taking another minute, let’s quickly understand:

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a web app development framework with expressive and elegant syntax that speeds up, simplifies, and enhances the entire web development process for developers by getting rid of all the hassles associated with coding using dense PHP code.

It uses the MVC architecture. It provides a wide range of functionality and integrates the fundamental components of PHP frameworks like Codelgniter and Yii as well as those of other programming languages like Ruby on Rails

web app development framework

Why use the Laravel framework?


1-The Laravel framework is simple and quick to understand.

2-Offers numerous widgets to guarantee that a web application has a solid and stable framework.

3. Provides developers with the ability to design their own custom commands and run tests inside the development environment.

4- Easy data migration


1. The task is difficult to execute because of the lightweight framework.

2-Not the quickest web framework available to use.

3-Compared to other platforms, community support is not as widespread.

   Here is the list of top web applications built with the Laravel framework.

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So, we understood exactly what is Laravel and what is CakePHP. But what is the difference between CakePHP and Laravel? Let’s check out:-

Key differences between Laravel vs CakePHP

Laravel CakePHP
Laravel works and operates on an object-oriented model A document-oriented database model is used by CakePHP.
Smaller projects are not a good fit for the Laravel framework. Smaller projects are considerably better suited for CakePHP.
It is free to use and run this framework. A license is needed to use and operate CakePHP.
Laravel is secure, but not as well as CakePHP. CakePHP has more strong and superior security than Laravel.
Scaling is significantly more effective with Laravel. Compared to Laravel, CakePHP does not scale as well.
Laravel VS CakePHP- Direct Comparison Table:
Comparison CakePHP Laravel
Performance CakePHP provides quicker performance for smaller projects. Not preferred for large projects. Laravel’s two-way data binding process provides exceptional performance for applications that are complex.
Architecture CakePHP has a hierarchical model view control (HMVC) architecture. Laravel follows Model View Control (MVC) architecture
Data Handling CakePHP mostly focuses on smaller projects, hence it is not able to manage data in a more straightforward manner. Compared to CakePHP, Laravel’s data backup and handling are much more effective.
Plug-ins The CakePHP framework provides plugins for handling tasks. It enables code reuse. The Laravel framework also provides plugins but the variety is not as broad as that of CakePHP.
Documentation Compared to the Laravel framework, CakePHP’s documentation is less detailed. Laravel comes with thorough documentation and community support.

Which is better, Laravel or CakePHP?

CakePHP enables developers to work in an organized manner without sacrificing flexibility. It helps developers create web applications without starting from scratch.

Laravel provides a number of features for creating reliable online apps. This framework helps developers deploy applications instantly.

Developers must decide between Laravel and CakePHP based on the project’s specifications and timeline. 

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