Swift Programming – The Ideal Choice For iOS App Development

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Since many years, Objective-C was the main language used for iOS app development. Objective-C is a superset of C language with added object-oriented features that also provide a dynamic runtime environment. But since the inception of Swift, it has been the leading choice to develop an iOS mobile app!

What exactly is Swift?

What exactly is Swift?

Released in 2014 by Apple, Swift is now the most favored programming language for any mobile iOS app development. It is a powerful and predictable language, built with the open-source LLVM compiler framework. Swift language is a combination of both C & Objective-C programming language that has none of the in-built C language dependencies which makes it easier to use. It is even projected that Swift will be the only programming language developers will use to build iOS app in the next 20 years!

If you are a developer trying to find you way around iOS mobile app development, Swift is the best choice to go forward with. Let us tell you how!

Let’s take a look at everything that you’re going to find in this article:

Top Features of Swift Programming Language

Swift Programming

1. Open Source

Not only is Swift free for use, but the Swift community uses it can frequently and give their feedback to Apple for making its performance better. Being open-source, Swift provides new opportunities that can be used across a variety of platforms and backend infrastructure.

Since 2019, Swift is running on two new latest versions, Swift 5.1 and Swift 5.2 that have significantly improved performance and made it much easier to use.

2. Swift reduces your coding time

Swift decreases the amount of code required to write repetitive statements as well as string manipulation requirements, which is not the case in Objective-C. Swift implemented features such as the addition of two strings together with a “+” operator. Support for joining characters and strings like this is fundamental for any programming language that displays text to a user on a screen.

The compact size of Swift apps even made the deployment rate 3.9x faster than implementing the same algorithm in Python.

3. Swift is easy to maintain

When any iOS mobile app is deployed, costs of maintaining data servers, frequent debugging, and frequent update cycles increase. For instance, Objective-C used for iOS mobile apps development cannot be updated without updating its dependency C. And this significantly increases the maintenance cost. While Swift language, on the contrary, does not possess such dependencies, making it a lot easier to maintain.

4. Swift is more secure

Having an impenetrable security firewall is of utmost importance for any business or startup that wants to build mobile apps. As Swift language uses clear and easy syntax, swift developers make fewer mistakes which are usually overlooked in Objective-C due to the complexity of language.

5. Swift is easy to read

Swift language syntax is so much easier to comprehend that it feels like reading English. Because of which understanding the code is much easier than any other programming languages. This is the reason developers of JavaScript, Java, C++, C#, and Python choose to integrate Swift into their toolchain.

These reasons make Swift programming language the best choice for iOS developers!

But being new to programming or mobile app development can get stressful at times getting acquainted with a new programming language. Of-course Apple knew this fact and had additional features for developers to help them learn better.

Easiest Resources to Learn Swift Programming Language

Swift Programming Language

1. Innovative prospects options

Swift has a unique tool called playground that helps swift developers think outside the box and help build innovative prototypes. The lightweight coding feature of Playground assists swift developers to visualize swift apps better right in the beginning of developments. This helps them get a better idea of where to proceed in the coming development iterations.

2. Swift Sandbox

Being new to coding, it can be difficult to understand any programming language. But learning Swift from scratch is easy! This is where Swift Sandbox comes into play. Created to make learning easy, it has one of the most efficient resources like an integrated compiler and interactive code editor and over 150 exercises to help developers code Swift and its algorithms.

3. Swift’s GitHub Repositories

Latest Swift repositories (software projects) are available on GitHub from where developers can utilize the Swift projects to learn better. From getting new ideas, unique perspectives on development, and write better-optimized code, it’s a great platform for learning.

Writing code on Swift is fun and interactive as the syntax is brief yet powerful. Swift has some modern features that developers really love to work on. The Swift code helps develop the software for mobile app easily while also having lightning-fast speed in performance. It has redefined our understanding of app development on all iOS platforms.

That basically sums up why Swift is ‘the choice’ for the development of iOS mobile apps. This is the reason why most businesses these days want to hire swift developers.

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