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Did you know that some of the React UI libraries can drastically improve the efficiency of your applications? This article covers everything important about the Reactjs ecosystem, libraries and tools you can leverage to your advantage.

React has come into the picture as the knight in shining armor. Its ecosystem has evolved into an advanced community rather than being an extension of React UI library.

What is React?

React is an open-source, front-end, JavaScript library that helps to build elegant and powerful React UI components for single page web applications (SPAs) or mobile apps. The main advantage of using React is that it provides users with an amazing experience that makes them keep coming back to use the application. JavaScript developers love working with React programming language and so do we! Every time we worked with React, we discovered hundreds of React packages, a set of React UI components and React UI libraries that enabled us to build outstanding web apps for all our clients’ projects.

And we know it will be of help for your software development if you knew these powerful libraries presently in Reacts’ ecosystem.

List of best React UI Libraries:

Routing and Navigation in React.js

Routing and Navigation in React.js

User experience defines the success of any web app. This means seamless navigation from one page to another is crucial. And when it comes to Single Page Applications (SPA), it doesn’t have the best reload timing when navigating between different sections of the page.

This is where routers make life easy. Simply put, a router renders (follows dynamic routing approach) the browser address into associated pages, allowing the users to easily navigate using the web application.

This gives us first of the many powerful React UI libraries:

1. React Router

React Router is a collection of directional React UI components that are responsible to synchronize the components of the UI with the browser’s address, which makes it easy to navigate through a single-page application.

Apart from that, it offers server-side rendering and better screen-to-screen transitions.

React CLIs and Boilerplates

2. Create-React-App

A no-build configuration, the Create-React-App is a CLI tool to simplify the generation of your own boilerplate and successfully initiate the app-building process. But you will need to create one dependency for your React UI components and that’s about it.

You need an UI design that is interactive and engages the audience effectively to get your web app to be successful. React makes creating an elegant and responsive UI very easy. With several time saving and amazing UI component libraries it has to offer, you can take your web development up a notch.

React UI Component Libraries

3. Ant-design React

Ant-design React UI framework is a combined development framework of Babel, Dora, DVA, NPM and Webpack.
The main advantage of this best React component library is how it allows you to integrate your UI components to provide an enhanced user experience.

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4. Tailwind UI

Tailwind UI is a rich UI component library that makes customization free. It is a CSS framework built for ReactJs. Using the Tailwind UI library, you can easily reuse your code. But even if you ever wanted to not start from scratch with coding, this is your chance. Tailwind library offers in-built classes that allow you to not begin from scratch.

5. Semantic UI React

Semantic UI React, a declarative API, is one of the best React UI libraries for top MNCs. Netflix uses this jQuery-free React UI component library to simplify their app’s complex coding.

6. React Bootstrap

React Bootstrap is one of the easiest React UI libraries to work with. Being so flexible, it has never been easier to integrate UI components hassle free before. It has inbuilt components that enable it to easily handle various interfaces.

React Bootstrap is also compatible with the old Bootstrap themes, allowing React developers to code with this JavaScript framework based React UI framework quickly and efficiently.

7. Fabric React

Fabric React

Fabric React is also known as Office UI Fabric. This is one of those React UI libraries that is famous for its native implementation of UI components with React-based apps. Backed by frontend modules like ES6+, Webpack & CSS, Fabric library is a vast pool of various CSS classes, which provide a range of different colors, animations and much more.

8. Styled components

Styled React UI components are innovative new ways React enables component-level apps to create their style with the fusion of JavaScript & CSS. It focuses on enhancing the visual styling of components, which eventually helps create UIs with React that are highly customizable and beautiful.

9. React DnD

Built with HTML5 & drop API, Drag, and Drop (DnD) interface, as the name suggests allows users to simply drag and drop a visual object to a the desired location on the device screen. It enables developers to simply create Trello-like complicated drag-and-drop interfaces without affecting the data transfer and still carry out seamless execution of the current running state in the app.


With the global digital payment market set to reach more than 10 trillion U.S. dollars by 2025, digital payments have rightly replaced traditional banking. With Fintech apps & mobile wallets taking over, creating web apps and mobile apps to easily facilitate in-app different payment methods has become essential.

That’s where Payment SDKs come into the picture. Here are some of the best React UI libraries available in the React Ecosystem that provide a reliable and secure way to carry out end-to-end transactions.

Here are some of the best Payment SDKs React UI framework has to offer.

10. Paypal

payment gateway integration 

PayPal payment gateway integration is only compatible with native JavaScript code. It uses REST (Representational State Transfer) APIs to carry out transactions, which allows it to carry out payments quickly and securely.
The code for this allows you to create sandbox accounts:

  • Paypal Merchant Account (accept payments from end-users)
  • PayPal Personal Account (make payments to merchant accounts)

11. Stripe Elements

Stripe APIs is one of the most customizable React UI component libraries available in the React framework to handle the payment outflow easily. Being quick with authentication and securing the data, Stripe API makes it quick to authenticate the user. Stripe API only uses a single interface operation to enable Apple Pay, Google Pay and any other payment request API.

It has responsive and robust functionalities that enables Stripe API to accept & confirm payments quickly with dynamic card elements such as CVC, expiry date and more. It also supports multiple languages for customer’s preferences.

Augment Reality/ Virtual Reality (AR/ VR)

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the technologies in software development, enabling users to experience a real-world environment virtually. Some examples of such mobile applications are Snapchat, the infamous Pokémon Go, and some new Instagram features.
Here are some of the AR/VR libraries React has to offer.

12. React 360

React 360 enables the creation of amazing virtual reality experiences using the React UI frameworks in desktops, mobile apps and other VR devices. It makes it easy to create complex 3D and VR user interfaces easily. Be it from 3D board games, adventure games or some office 360 tours, React 360 provides users with great multimedia content.

13. Viro React

Viro React, a third-party cross-platform is the React UI library that assists software developers to create AR & VR experiences for React apps. It is open-source and supports all mobile VR & AR platforms. It is easy to work with. It requires React-Native-CLI & React-Viro-CLI to code in cross-platforms.

The limitation it has is that Viro React is not compatible with the older OS versions of iOS and Android.

End Note

We’ve covered the most powerful of React UI libraries that are highly adopted in software development and by React developers and JavaScript developers worldwide. While we couldn’t cover all of the libraries, these are some of the best libraries to work with. You can use these React UI libraries to leverage JavaScript tasks easily. While the odds can still be stacked against you, when you need to find the right libraries to work on your dedicated web application. We can help you in such a scenario. Hire expert React.js developers from a pool of top-tier developers at Communication Crafts.

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