Why mobile app prototyping is important for successful mobile app development?

Mobile app prototyping is an integral part of the mobile app design and development process.

The iterative design process involves creating mock-ups of the app that allows mobile app developers to review the app flow, give feedback and improvise. This translates into faster app development and better user experience.

Mobile App Development Agencies like CC Advantage makes mobile app prototyping easier and affordable by giving clients access to scalable teams of expert mobile app developers along with state of the art infrastructure at fraction of the cost it takes to hire these team.

Benefits of Mobile App Prototyping

High-fidelity mobile prototyping tools enable mobile app designers deliver a functional app with enhanced user experience. App prototyping allows them to get feedbacks into all aspects of an app process by identifying shortcoming, obstacles and insights during the research process. Here are some other major benefits of Mobile App Prototyping that help design a successful app:

Helps Evaluate app idea

Mobile app prototyping includes both low-fidelity wireframe and sketches that help you layout the blueprint of the app for better clarity at one end of the continuum and high-fidelity prototyping with interactive mock-ups to evaluate the flow and function of the app at the other end. App prototyping also accelerates the app development apart from cutting down on the amount of time spent and thus help keep costs down.

Want to further improvise your app idea with world-class experts? Mobile app developers at CC Advantage help you evaluate app idea by app prototyping and leveraging their expertise and experience in Android app development, iOS app development and cross-platform apps.

Enables better user experience

App prototyping helps focus on app functionality and user experience by identifying obstacles in app process and flow. Not only does it help solve design issues, it also helps emphasis the core app functionality, interactions, UX and flow.

App prototyping becomes more beneficial when you also involve the end user. This focus on end-user experience and deeper understanding of app functionality and usability helps develops apps with better user experience.

We at CC Advantage understand the importance of UX in the success of an app. Therefore our expert mobile app developers constantly stay updated, thus you do not have to invest hours in training them and be rest assured of timely delivery.

Promotes better collaboration in design and development team

Mobile app prototyping allows everybody on the team get clarity on the app functionality, give feedback and insights. This promotes better collaboration which in-turn translates into better feedback. Many popular Interactive high-fidelity prototyping platforms also offer collaboration through seamless design communication. This ensures that the team is able to monitor the flow and usability of the app in real-time.

Our scalable resources and infrastructure are just a call away and they grow with you. Our highly-skilled, dynamic app developers work as your dedicated in-house team for better collaboration to create amazing final result.

Top 3 Mobile App Prototyping Tool


Prototype for: Android apps, iOS apps, Web Apps, Websites

  • Most popular mobile app prototyping and collaboration platform that comes packed with unique features updated frequently.
  • Powerful design prototyping tools that transform your static screens into clickable, interactive prototypes.
  • Allows you more control over how other see your design prototype, offers better collaboration, presentation and easier feedback.


Prototype for: Android and iOS apps

  • All-in-one sophisticated prototyping tool with nice tools and great results.
  • Best for feature rich apps, web products to build complicated interactive prototypes.
  • Vast UI library, excellent web widget and user-friendly UI.


Prototype for: Mobile and Web Apps

  • The web-based app turns your designs into interactive mobile and web prototypes instantly.
  • Simple and easy to use interface with clearer product focus.
  • Ability to sync with sketch, Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube, Vimeo.

Are you looking for expert mobile app prototyping services for your clients but aren’t sure where to start? CC Advantage is here for you.

Our scalable mobile development teams and infrastructure accelerate the app design and development to help you save time and cut down costs. Contact our expert android app developers or iOS app designers today and we will help you with best solutions at fraction of the cost.

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