Unlock the Future: Why You Should Hire AngularJS Developers?

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Did you know that the Angular JS framework is used by around 72,924 websites in the United States? Software engineers around the world consider Angular to be among the greatest web frameworks available, according to Statista. Furthermore, according to a recent survey, 30.7% of programmers and software developers have begun utilizing Angular JS in their user interfaces. It’s no wonder that more and more businesses are looking to hire AngularJS developers to harness the power of this remarkable framework. 

When Angular technology was first developed, the goal was to create dynamic single-page applications, or SPAs. Progressive Web Apps, mobile apps, enterprise web apps, and much more can be developed with Angular.  

Two-way binding, RESTFul APIs, AJAX handling, Virtual DOM, MVC design, templating, dependency injection, and other features are some of its fundamental features. In addition, developers don’t have to look to third-party libraries for help, which sets them apart from other technologies. 

A community of developers launched Angular in 2009, a full-featured Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework powered by Google. Its foundations are in JavaScript (JS), HTML (Hypertext Mark-Up Language), and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). For a number of reasons, Angular JS has dominated the global market since its launch. It saves money and time, but it also saves effort. 

It saves money and time, but it also saves effort, which makes it a popular choice for businesses seeking offshore AngularJS developers to maximize their development resources.

Angular JS and Angular: What are they? How are they Different?


A well-liked framework is a great choice for developing robust web apps with a contemporary look and extremely dynamic functionality. Because Angular is modular, you may break up the application into smaller units, or modules, each of which represents a different functionality. Angular allows developers to easily create high-performance web apps while adhering to the MVC paradigm and providing bidirectional data binding. 

Angular Features 

Angular’s abundance of functionality makes it one of the most potent JavaScript web frameworks available. The following are a few salient characteristics of Angular that you ought to be aware of: 

  1. Cross-Platform 
  1. Makes Use of TypeScript 
  1. Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) 
  1. Data Binding and Dependency Injection 
  1. Advanced Animations 
  1. Unit Testing Support 


AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework suitable for front-end web development. Also developed by Google, the intent of AngularJS is to facilitate the development of single-page applications. [Instead of allowing a web server to load entire new pages, SPAs (single-page applications) interact with the user by dynamically rewriting the data by fetching the same from the web server]. 

It is well known that the framework may be used to create dynamic web apps and webpages. The MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture may be written in it, allowing developers to add dynamic behavior to online applications. Additionally, the architecture facilitates rapid development and makes source code maintenance simple, making it an attractive choice for businesses looking to leverage the expertise of offshore AngularJS developers

Features of AngularJS 

Moreover, before Angular 2 was released, a lot of people used AngularJS to build effective online apps. AngularJS has the following notable features: 

  1. Use of Plain JavaScript  
  1. Controllers and Directives 
  1. Reusable Components 
  1. Routing 

Reasons to Use Angular

1. Beyond the Box

As previously stated, developers can now complete their job without the assistance of third-party libraries. You only need to use Angular’s default setup. Angular’s preconfigured environment is ready for all of your actions, whether you want to do a routing process, gather data, or carry out any other type of testing procedure. This simplifies the development process, making it an attractive choice for businesses looking to hire AngularJS developers to streamline their projects.  

All you need is the official Angular library in place of those third-party libraries. Better security and high code quality are guaranteed when using Angular. 

2. Backed by Google

The fact that Google supports Angular is one of its main benefits. In an effort to further expand the Angular ecosystem and demonstrate its commitment to the framework, Google extends its Long-Term Support (LTS) to Angular.  

Angular is also used in Google apps, and the team there is very confident in its stability. The fantastic chance to learn from Google’s certified Angular experts is likewise extended to other Angular developers. Considering these advantages, it’s no surprise that businesses often choose to hire AngularJS developers to leverage this powerful framework for their web app projects.

3. Test Environment Tears Automatically 

Testing is quite straightforward and relaxing while using Angular. Any component of the application can be readily modified. Module separation must be used to load the appropriate services in order for the automatic tests to run. Additionally, if you adhere to the ‘one file, one module’ approach, you won’t have to remember the loading sequence, which is better for you and your offshore AngularJS developer.

4. Sectional Organization

Code, whether it is components, directives, pipelines, or services, is grouped into buckets by Angular. These buckets are known as modules to those who are familiar with Angular. Modules divide the functionality of a program into reusable parts and features, making organization of the functionality simple. Additionally, modules enable lazy loading, which opens the door for on-demand or background application feature loading. 

Angular facilitates the goal of distributing work across team members while maintaining a well-organized code. When you fully comprehend these modules, you can make the most of them. Developers who create the right modules can also increase productivity. 

Top Websites That Use Angular

Because of all the benefits mentioned above, Angular is a popular framework used by major firms for their websites, such as: 

  • Microsoft Office Home 
  • Deutsche Bank Developer Portal 
  • Forbes 
  • Google Marketing Platform 
  • IBM 
  • PayPal 

Which Projects Are Suitable for Angular?

  1. Enterprise Web Apps: These apps are becoming increasingly popular among enterprises. And speaking of which, Typescript has all of these characteristics that are essential for working on big projects.  Advanced refactoring, navigation, and auto-completion are essential features for your online apps.   
  1. Apps with Terrifying Content: The technology included a plethora of tools for developing SPAs because it was designed to build them. Angular is the greatest technology to take into consideration if you want to dynamically update the content. Due to the fact that it heavily depends on user preferences and behavior. Many different components can be combined with the aid of Dependency Injection. 
  1. Progressive Web Apps: The ideal framework for building PWAs is Angular. The New CLI makes it simple to convert web applications into progressive web applications. 

Now, Over to You!

The future of this framework appears bright, and there is a lot of room for growth for AngularJS developers. Additionally, the Angular2 version is being used by many. It would be prudent to begin honing the abilities required to become an Angular developer, as the framework’s features and functionalities are only serving to increase its popularity and widespread use.  

So, whether you’re looking to establish a career or enhance your team, it’s a smart move to hire dedicated AngularJS developers who can lead you towards success in this evolving landscape. 

Additionally, there is a projected 31% increase in employment for these developers between 2016 and 2026 according to the job outlook. 

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