Best tips for Hiring Remote Developers in 2022

tips for Hiring Remote Developers

As the world is even more than ever inclined towards a technologically advanced digital era, where almost everything is revolved around the web and mobile apps – successful digital development becomes key for success.

With the number of developers projected to increase to a staggering 28.7 million by 2024, choosing the right type of developers can be the game-changer for your business.

Whether you are a start-up or run a full-fledged business, how to hire dedicated developers is a high-priority question that everyone needs to answer.

Why? Because such highly skilled developers can help take your business to new heights.

And that’s why we are here to help guide you through- How to hire dedicated developers that work out like a well-oiled machine for your next digital project.

But there are always two sides of a coin, and we are here to help and guide you on which direction is the best for you to go.

Here’s your complete guide to hiring dedicated developers:

Freelancers or a dedicated team from a professional development company.

1. Why freelancers are not the ideal choice?

Hiring Remote Developers

This guide to hire dedicated developers gives you an in-depth idea about the options should go for and the options you should avoid.

Deciding to go with freelancers is a very personal choice. Sure you can bring them on board, but you’ll have to live with the uncertainty of getting guaranteed results.

Most of the time freelancers are easy to find and at a cheaper cost. However, lower cost is proven to be associated with low-quality work.

Since you’re going to be spending a whole big chunk of your pie on your digital project, for which you would need scalable and effective long-term solutions along with requiring regular maintenance and the ability to scale your team as new requirements are to come along. That’s where freelancers are proven to not turn up short.

Somewhere down the road, when you need to update your current digital project, you might not get to cross paths with the same freelancer again. And imagine having to go through that troublesome process of hiring a new freelancer again. Just for them to get the gist of what the project is would be time-consuming. Forget even beginning the work and getting timely results.

But that’s not all, since freelancing portals don’t have any screening process, freelance web developers are usually evaluated on the project they upload and most of the time, it does not necessarily guarantee that they have the in-depth skills you are looking for.

Not to mention the huge discrepancies in communication that are to come along.

That’s where a dedicated team of developers from a global company is a one-stop solution for all your needs. Ending the freelancer vs agency debate once in for all.

That’s why this article focuses on how to hire a remote developer from a full-service IT outsourcing agency.

2. Advantages of a remote team of developers from a well-known development company:

remote team of developers

Years of proven experience

For starters, you’re going to be bringing developers on board from an established web design company with years of proven experience creating digital solutions that are custom-designed to help you grow.

Not to forget, they go through rigorous protocols to make sure they hire only the best in the business. After all, high-quality work is as important to them as it is to you, and they can’t afford to compromise.

Choose developers as you may like

With the flexibility of choosing developers as you may like: full-time or part-time and from various niches of talented developers on-demand, it becomes an easy hassle-free process. Such teams of professional guarantees the success you are looking for.

How to hire remote developers in the UK? We’ll be happy to help guide you through whatever you need.

Seamless communication

You won’t have the problem of communication when you outsource to a remote team from a well-known web development company. With seamless communication measures always in place, you can ensure that everything is going according to your plan. Not only that, you will be able to make specific changes as you may like.

Maintenance and support

To keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies, regular technical support and updates for your website or app are a necessity. Since the team of developers you hired from the development agency already knows everything there is to regarding your project and is available on-demand, regular iterative updates become easy to get.

Unlike freelancers, you would have to track down and explain the details of the project yet once again, with no guarantee on if the solutions would be satisfactory.

3. When to hire a global team of remote developers?

When and how to hire a remote developer?

Well, Outsourcing to another country for a team of exceptional remote developers is always a good idea.

But it is highly recommended that you hire a team of dedicated developers if you are in any of the following scenarios:

  • You want to scale or digitally transform your existing business platforms.
  • Your business is based in the region where development rates are through the roof.
  • You are not able to find experts with efficient skills and proven experience in your region.
  • You need to scale resources quickly.
  • You want your website or mobile app completely designed and developed.
  • You need to bring an idea to life. And by that, we mean, from ideation, planning, and implementation to the successful launch of digital solutions.

How to hire a remote developer in the USA? Get in touch with our experts.

4. How to hire a remote developer team in 4 simple steps:

This guide to hiring dedicated developers covers everything that you need to know about how to hire a remote developer. Here are the 4 simple steps to achieve seamless and streamlined software development…

Step 1. Specify your business challenges

Before you can begin, you should sit down and thoroughly go over your plan of action. First by understanding what your business goals are and what you plan to achieve in the long run. This will help you get an idea of what you need.

Understanding clearly & efficiently what you plan on achieving will help you decide what kind of tech experts you need on your team. This will even make the negotiations much more transparent with the vendor. Factors to consider before you hire remote developers

Step 2. What niche of technological experts do you need?

At this stage, you would have a clear idea of what kind of web development services you require for your custom web or mobile app project.

There are three types of developers you would require:

Front-end developers:

Front-end developers specifically work the UI interface of the website or the mobile app. Their goal is to make it intuitive and engaging such that it enhances the user experience. Web developers & designers turn the website & app design into fully functional using the latest technologies like CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Node.JS, ASP.NET, React.JS, and Angular 8.

Back-end developers:

Back-end developers work only on the functionality of the website and the app. Their goal is to efficiently program and add functionalities that will combine with the user interface. You might need to hire specialists if you need to improve your website’s speed and integrate with third-party services. Back-end developers use such technologies as PHP, Python, Ruby, and Java, and for databases: MongoDB, SQL – MySQL, PostgreSQL & SQLite.

– Full-stack developers:

These kinds of developers work on all aspects of the digital project. Hiring full-stack developers is a becoming a largely followed trend around the world.

Looking to hire remote developers in the UK for full-stack development? Let us help you grow your business.

Step 3. Search for the best outsourcing companies

When you are searching for a great development company, make sure to consider these points. This will ensure that you hire the best.

  • Company size
  • Customer reviews
  • Portfolio of companies
  • Awards and certifications

Gathering adequate feedback about the people you plan to work with is never a bad idea. This will help you select a trusted company to work with right from the start.

Step 4: Assemble the team

Once you’ve finalized the company you’re going to hire web developers from, you’ll have a pool of in-house brains to pick. To help you choose better, the company will help guide you on what kind of developers you’ll require. However, it will be your call, in the end, assembling the team rightly as you like.

Once you’ve done that, the only thing left is choosing the right hiring model that best meets your needs. The usual modes of payment are:

Pay as you go:

This model is suitable for all kinds of projects when the scope of work and time taken to accomplish it cannot be decided beforehand. This model is based on the hourly or daily rates (depending on the company) of each developer in your team for the time spent on your web development project.

Fixed price:

This is the most ideal choice for small web projects with a clearly defined goal of work and duration.

Now let’s discuss some of the outsourcing remote developers’ challenges and how to solve them…

Challenges of Hiring Remote Developers

While there are several perks to hiring remote developers, there are also challenges, and this guide to hire dedicated developers covers it all….

Quality of Service

One hesitation in hiring remote developers from another part of the world might be fear of the quality of service they will offer. Inexperienced hiring managers often make the mistake of hiring unqualified programmers since they offer services at reduced costs.

You can avoid this potential challenge by thoroughly evaluating and testing the coding ability and overall technical expertise of remote developers before signing a contract. You might look over a portfolio of their previous work to ensure they meet your requirements.

Cost Overruns

Handing off your development needs to novice developers may lead to cost overruns, delayed timelines, and several other problems. If you hire programmers with less experience at lower rates, you may end up spending more in the long run due to mistakes, delays, or other issues that arise during the development process.

You can avoid the situation of cost overruns by working with an experienced, agile, and reputed offshore software development firm. This way, you’ll get the best of the services at affordable rates.

Mismatched Expectations

If you don’t communicate your needs and expectations clearly during the hiring and onboarding process, remote developers may believe that they have understood the scope of your project when they have not.

You can avoid mismatched expectations by ensuring regular and clear communication when hiring remote developers. You should always go with a developer or agency that asks questions and establishes clear lines of communication.

Time Zone Issues

Time zone is another major challenge for companies hiring remote development teams. A major difference in or a variety of time zones leads to challenges in communicating, setting up meetings, and resolving issues across a team. In the previously mentioned survey by Buffer, 7% of respondents said being in a different time zone than teammates was the biggest struggle of remote work for them.

Asynchronous communication is vital in supporting a workforce that works across multiple time zones. Since async-first requires highly motivated and independent people who can manage their work and remain accountable with little or no direction, you’ll want to source and evaluate developer candidates with those qualities.

Tracking and Managing Your Team’s Productivity

Managing and tracking the progress of your project is an even greater challenge when you have your team dispersed across the world.

If you want to manage a remote team and keep your developers productive, you can assign your project to a dedicated project manager who will look after the productivity and manage the tasks strategically. Professional outsourcing companies have project managers for their clients.

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Our software experts are adept at building websites and mobile applications that help your business soar above the ever-growing digital competition. From concept creation to responsive design, avail top-tier software development from our pre-vetted talent pool.

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Summing Up

Whether you have a great idea you need to fuel it with or run a business in the field not remotely related to the digital world or need web or mobile solutions to digitally transform the face of your business in quick succession, the easiest and most cost-efficient way to adhere to that is by hiring dedicated coders.

That’s the gist of everything you need to know on how to hire remote developers for the web development or mobile app development for your next digital project. Just keep in the mind the main points we went over and you’ll be good to go!

Looking for a team of expert remote developers? Here they are!

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