How to Hire PHP Developers or programmers- A Complete Guide

Hire PHP Developers programmers

The ever-changing world of technology leaves no space for carelessness. When you hire PHP developers, it’s important to understand the vast difference a bespoke strategy can make unlike the cliché. The right PHP developer will be life injecting force to your vision, with immense power fit to propel your project to newer heights. Often underestimated, remote developers from the right firm, tend to provide innovative, cutting edge and state of the art methods to enable seamless communication with your customers. You need a PHP developer that shares the same passion and dedication for your project. This highly competitive world, calls for the best offshore PHP developers!

Working with PHP comes with various benefits such as a huge dedicated community, open source nature, and is the preferred choice for start-ups due to its effectiveness!

Before we answer the much-awaited question “how to hire PHP developer?”
Let’s understand what is PHP and what are its uses…

What is PHP and What Does it Do?

PHP stands for “Hypertext Preprocessor,” it is an open-source scripting language that is used for building dynamic websites and web applications. Initially, PHP was used for developing personal web pages and HTML code, but it has evolved to include a wide range of functions. With server-side code execution, PHP uniquely embeds the code into the HTML and then renders it on the client-side instead of directly executing it on the user’s browser.

This allows PHP developers to develop server-side functions as well as write desktop and cross-platform applications. PHP can be used across multiple operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix, macOS, etc.), This gives you the freedom to choose the best-suited operating system or web server for your project.

PHP is quite similar to Python, as both are object-oriented interpreted scripting languages that run on multiple operating systems. PHP developers prefer the Laravel PHP framework when working with custom web application development.

CakePHP is another PHP framework that is widely used as a foundational structure for developers to create web apps.

Even though PHP frameworks are not known for it, they can still be used for iOS and Android mobile app development.

Also, there are many more effective software solutions when it comes to PHP like the PHP CRM, a web-based self-hosted CRM software system.

Here’s how you can ensure the best PHP Development Services:

  1. Ask the right questions
  2. Have a look at previous projects
  3. Check the communication cycle
  4. Understand the knowledge and skills acquired
  5. Passionate about the work

1. Ask the right questions:

Asking the right question isn’t solely limited to the price or the hours dedicated to your project. It’s essential to raise specific questions, questions that can be easily searched online won’t serve your purpose. The goal here is to assess the skill and the understanding of the frameworks, what type of code suits your project, encryption details, design and patterns etc. Refrain from running a memory test on your PHP developers, the aim is to understand how you can benefit from the developer.

Here are some questions you can ask your next offshore PHP developer:

  • What is the difference between Laravel and Cakephp?
  • What are some common errors in PHP?
  • How to error report in PHP?

These are the basics any knowledgeable PHP programmers would know. If you feel satisfied with their answers, then only you should move forward with the hiring process. And it’s best to clear up the air surrounding any doubts you might have regarding your project.

Most of the time, here are the queries most companies should be asking the PHP developers before hiring them.

  • Will the website be responsive?

Living in this digital era, a responsive website is absolutely necessary. People access websites from desktops and smartphones of different specs. To make sure that your website doesn’t overshoot the screen size on different devices, it is essential to have an optimized responsive design.

  • What is your approach to developing a PHP website?

The development process should revolve around providing the customers with the best experience. The development must be agile. Iterative changes should take place to enhance the user experience. Along with keeping the clients in the loop at each stage of the development for seamless integration.

  • Who will choose the website design?

Apart from meeting the client’s needs, the clients should be presented with several ideal designs that would be a perfect fit for their business. The client then makes a choice and finalizes the design for the website.

2. Have a look at previous projects

Case studies and customer testimonials should be thoroughly evaluated to understand the experience of the company. The overall experience boils down to the good reputation of the company which will further ensure a hassle-free arrangement. Relevant, previously worked on projects should also be further analysed as well. Understand the type of work your PHP developer is capable of to reap the most benefits.

Our team of dedicated PHP developers help you achieve futuristic goals through significant strategies while highlighting the important aspects of your project.

3. Check the communication cycle

Hire PHP Experts

Smooth sailing development can be attributed directly to the effective communication cycle. Especially with remote developers. It’s essential to pre-establish a streamlined communication channel to avoid chaos and confusion. Often the preferred methods would be video, audio, web and phone communications.

We recommend that you choose an easy method of communication such as Skype over lengthy exchange of emails for crystal clear communication. Sometimes language barriers are a hindrance, thus it should also be established that there are no jargon and language barriers. Here at Communication Crafts we provide hassle-free communication, strategic planning through every stage of development as well as guaranteed 160 hours of output to help you turn your PHP development goals into reality.

4. Understand the knowledge and skills acquired

Before you hire php developer for your next project, assess and analyse the technological base of your developers. As previously mentioned questions help you establish the right foundations. Furthermore you can ask questions relating to why you should choose PHP?

Along with the advantages of PHP, the type of training and ongoing workshops the company offers to its developers etc. This will help you understand how up to date your developer will be. As a trusted IT Outsourcing Agency, our developers and team members are provided with useful training, short courses and workshops which separate us from the rest!

5. Passionate about the work

If the team isn’t enthusiastic about taking up your project, it’s going to be highly likely they’re going to slack around and not give it their best. The developers must be proactive and dedicated, for them to deliver robust results. So keep in mind that they should have a positive attitude when you discuss your project.

That’s it! We know what you’re thinking, there are a lot of things to keep in mind while hiring PHP developers. But on the brighter side, this is going to be the team that is going to go beyond your expectations and deliver the best results for you.

And one such great team of brilliant PHP coders can be found with us!

There were the top 5 tips on how to hire PHP developers. Now let’s discuss the different options to find a dedicated PHP development team.

What are the Options to Hire PHP Experts?

There are 3 main options you choose from:

  1. Hiring from a Full-Service Software Agency
  2. Hiring Freelancers
  3. Hiring In-House

Let’s discuss in detail…

1. Hiring from a Full-Service Software Agency

The screening and interview process may take up to a month when you hire in-house or freelancers. Selecting from a pool of pre-vetted talent offered by a full-service agency eliminates most of the effort and saves time simultaneously.

Also, the talent pool of a full-service agency is always top-rated with high qualifications and rich experience. That’s why this is, by far, the best option to hire PHP experts.

A software agency with dedicated developers for hire can create a dedicated team of PHP experts with diverse specializations and experience, custom-tailored for the complexities of your website or web app development requirements.

Most decision-makers often disregard the benefits of a full-service software development agency because it costs more than other options at times, but they overlook the fact that these agencies deliver with maximum efficiency and high-end productivity.

You can find the best software development agencies on

Clutch is an all-inclusive platform that displays every important aspect of the top agencies.

Pros of Software Development Agency:

  • A dedicated team of PHP experts can easily integrate with your existing developers.
  • Completely flexible with your software needs and work timings
  • Focused and streamlined website/web app delivery process
  • Rapid development speed
  • Impeccable and immaculate code quality from a team of pre-vetted PHP developers
  • Long-term partnerships with post-development maintenance and regular updates

Cons of Software Development Agency:

  • A software development agency is more expensive than hiring a freelancer or purchasing ready-made software, but the high cost is well worth it due to the time you’ll save and the high-quality work you’ll receive;
  • Partnering with a full-service software development agency may not be viable for small-scale and short-term projects.

2. Hiring Freelancers

If you want to outsource for small-scale PHP development or short projects, freelancers are the best option. However, amid the ever-increasing online clutter and over-abundance of freelancing PHP experts, finding the right talent is almost impossible.

This option is much cheaper than partnering with software development outsourcing companies, but freelancers have limited expertise in development platforms and technologies. Moreover, time-sensitive projects are ill-suited for freelancers.

Freelancers can be found on platforms like Upwork, Toptal and Fiverr.

Freelancer Pros:

  • Cost-effective for small-scale and short-term PHP projects;
  • Pocket-friendly because you’ll pay only for the working hours;

Freelancer Cons:

  • Time-consuming screening and interview process;
  • Difficult to find the right fit for your project;
  • Lack of communication and versatility.

3. Hiring In-House

Two biggest advantages of hiring an in-house dedicated PHP development team:

  • The team can blend in with your work culture and become an integral part of your organization for the long run.
  • You maintain complete control over the PHP projects.

However, due to the inadequate experience and knowledge of a fixed PHP development team, this option can only work if you have an airtight plan to achieve your software development goals. With a time-consuming and strenuous process of shortlisting and selection, hiring an in-house PHP development team costs more than outsourcing to a full-service software development agency.

Communication Crafts- Offering Best in Class PHP Experts

PHP developers at Communication Crafts are abreast with the latest technology and the most attractive designs to ensure high rank ability, visibility and connectivity to your audience. Our PHP developers are qualified engineers who are equipped with extensive experience in working with this technology to build some of the most complex programs.

Hire PHP developers with flexible hiring models:

  • Full-Time
  • Part-Time
  • Project-Based

Expert, diverse and scalable solutions leveraged in all technologies like Laravel and CakePHP. To cut costs and accelerate the development process, your company can avail the right offshore PHP developer with just one click!

Get dedicated PHP experts for the following:

  • Custom PHP CMS Development
  • PHP Migration and Module Development
  • Custom PHP Web Applications Development
  • PHP Software Maintenance & Support

Communication Crafts is a leading development company headquartered in India and present in countries like UK, Canada, and USA.

With over 17 years of experience and a team of 150 dedicated members, the company is widely known as the team next door. Along with countless awards under the belt and constant innovation the company has successfully leveraged over 1500+ projects across the globe. ISO certification and compliance with other global accreditations have only further accelerated the company’s high standards.

A Dedicated Team of PHP Developers, A Team Committed to Your Success.

What are you waiting for?

We deliver high-quality results that leave a positive impact on your customers.

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