Everything worth knowing about Full Stack Development

The days are long gone, when developers were only hired to work on the front end or the back end of the application. But as technology stacks evolved with time, excelling in merely one development discipline was not enough to gain a rewarding outcome.

With more than 7.94 billion mobile users, providing great user experience has become essential for the success for any business. If the users love using the app or the website, they are sure to keep coming back.

And this is the reason many companies search for the best developers that can handle the entire development project and deliver excellent results.

With user experience becoming an integral part of creating success for any business, companies are now even more focused on developing a great UX/UI design, which would enhance the customer’s journey. With a well-designed user interface having the potential to yield an increase in conversion rates by 400%, developers now had to focus more on the design aspects.

Imagine hiring a developer who specializes in more than just one aspect of the technology stack. The developer is not only able to effortlessly develop apps using the latest technology, but their familiarity with other technologies expedites the process and enhances the functionality of the business app.

A recent study showed that the number of mobile app downloads has skyrocketed from 140.7 billion apps in 2016 to 204 billion apps in 2020. The world is, even more, mobile-centric now and is going to be in the future. This has been the main reason for the increase in demand for developers all around the world, it is essential to choose the right developers that can technically meet your development needs.

Let’s jump in and see what all the buzz is about. Here is everything you need to know.

What is a full-stack developer?

Full-stack developers handle the entire project. From the beginning to the end, developers are responsible for each stage of the development process- functionality, design, testing and prototyping of the back-end & front-end.

And this is exactly what full-stack development is.

Why Full-stack developers are essential?

For any company or a start-up, various aspects have to be worked on, for which different kinds of developers are needed, like a UX/UI designer, back-end developer, front-end developer, and a quality assurance developer along with a project manager.

Coordinating separately between them becomes difficult, which can hinder the development process.

Not only will hiring different developers for a certain task would increase the development costs, but with the difference of opinions amongst them, it becomes difficult to move forward in one direction.

This is where full-stack developers make life easy.

Even with budget constraints, they are a perfect fit as they simply make it work. With an in-depth understanding of different programming languages, frameworks, and architectures- full-stack engineers are team players who provide scalable solutions for an MVP or a full-scale project.

What are the key objectives of Full Stack Development?

Here are the key advantages full-stack development offers:

  • Complete coding of the application
  • Interactive UI
  • DevOps integration
  • Timely delivery
  • Complete development of front-end and back-end with complete integration

6 reasons why a full stack developer makes life easy

1. Expert knowledge

Expert knowledge

Sure freelancers might be good coders. But they might not have the required knowledge full-stack developer can offer. With an experience of working on many projects, a full-stack web development team has practical knowledge of how things should be. Not only do they completely understand the user requirements, but they simply know how to make it work. The professional set of skills they have acquired over time help them deliver excellent results.

2. Developer Experience (DX)

Products last in the market if people love using them. If it is not used, more likely it is to be abandoned. This is why developer experience (DX) is important. DX is, what UX is to a user. With a complete understanding of the user requirements, they put their experience to work. DX is important because it helps them analyze how consumers are using the product. This helps developers bring effective changes to the application and increase the market acceptance of the project.
That is something you won’t get while outsourcing to individual developers.

3. Great UX/UI design

Great UX/UI design

88% of customers don’t return to a website after having a bad experience.

If your website or app doesn’t provide an engaging user experience, chances of success are none too slim.

That’s why developers do not only have to focus on the functionalities of the application or the website, but they have to make sure that their users can seamlessly interact with it. This makes the fusion of UX and UI a crucial design aspect because people want to use the best products available in the market. For example, if two mobile apps are offering the same result, the one with a better UX/UI design will surely end up becoming the user’s favorite.

Want to know the difference between UX & UI? Read up!

4. Cost-effective

This is where full-stack developers take the win. Contrary to the hiring of individual domain-specific developers who charge higher fees, a bunch of full-stack developers can work wonders developing a spectacular MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for your business. Bringing on board developers from an established development company helps not only reduce the cost of development but guarantees the application be economically viable for future updates, along with being impressive in performance!

5. Time delivery of the project

Time delivery of the project

When keeping up with the trends in the market or wanting to get ahead of the competition, launching the application in time is of the essence. So, when a team of full-stack developers works on the complete development of the project, they can completely coordinate between them and come up with the best plan to implement the solution in the given time frame.

Not only does it save big on costs and efforts on the client’s end, but they get the desired results promptly. This can give the business a lead over its competitors who are yet to come up with some kind of development plan.

6. Complete responsibility

Of course, there are errors and problems to come up along the way. But adhering to them efficiently and solving them is what truly matters. Full-stack developers take the whole responsibility for the project, which means that for any problems that arise, they must fix them. This gives the client a single point of reference to explain to the team if there are any changes to be made, rather than having to go to the individual developers who would work on different aspects of the project.

This reduces the workload of the client and guarantees faster results.

Factors to consider while hiring a full-stack developer

1. In-depth technological knowledge

Being a full-stack web developer comes with a lot of responsibilities. Seamless performance for front-end and back-end functionalities is essential for the smooth running of the application. Keeping up with the latest technological trends in the market is important as developers can choose the most suitable technological stacks.

The developers can only develop websites or apps using the programming languages they are familiar with. This is why while choosing a full-stack web developer, you need to make sure they have the required expertise and are interested in working with the best technology at hand.

2. Professional experience

It isn’t feasible to spend big bucks when the results don’t show. Right? You need to hire expert app developers who know how to handle the unexpected risks that come during development. Hiring developers who have previously worked on many well-known projects guarantees the same level of dedication for yours. Experienced developers simply understand the business requirements and simply put it to work.

3. Ability to take quick decisions

“I need the app made in 2 weeks”, “You only have 10 days to complete it”, bet something like this is sure to come up as your requirement too. It is quite understandable that you need it ASAP. Meeting deadlines and the ability to handle the workload that comes with development is essential. The full-stack web developer should be able to buckle up and strategizes! Full-stack developers always need to think ahead and keep the bigger picture in mind while developing. They should have full-proof contingency plans to handle shortcomings.
Not only does this makes development seamless, but the developers can also deliver the utmost satisfaction for the website or the app, which is ultimately the end goal.

4. DevOps team

If your developers aren’t in sync with each other, chances are it will be difficult to launch the website or the app in time. Any good development team always has a DevOps team working side by side with the coding team. The DevOps team works with software developers, system operators and admins. They oversee the development process, measure performance analytics during prototyping and early release to provide feedback, which would help make the necessary development changes.

This is why most companies hire an established web development company that has a DevOps team.

Make the Right Choice!

Keep these things in mind while you search for developers and you’re already on the path to success.

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