Latest impactful trends for Enterprise Application

Latest impactful trends for enterprise applications in 2021_banner

Digital transformation is the name of the game for business enterprises to continue striving in this digitally empowered world.

Digital transformation is both a key challenge and an opportunity for businesses today. It has become completely essential for businesses to power their legacy apps with next-gen innovative solutions to stay ahead of the competition and achieve the desired business goals.

In this blog, we’ll go over the enterprise application development trends of 2021 and answer frequently asked questions like:

  • What is the most important function of an enterprise application?
  • What is the most important benefit of an enterprise application?
  • What are the emerging trends in enterprise software?

But what exactly is an enterprise application?

An enterprise application (EA) is a large software system platform that large businesses depend on to solve their complex problems. It is developed by following the enterprise architecture.

As a business grows in size, it has to adopt an increasing number of enterprise apps that help streamline business operations.

What is the most important function of an enterprise application?

Basically, Enterprise Apps are highly relied on as they successfully facilitate bridging the gap between the front office and back-office functions. Along with providing unparalleled seamless functionalities that help carry out various business tasks efficiently and thus improve overall productivity.

Usually, enterprise application software services include billing systems, CRM systems, IT service management, resource planning, business intelligence, enterprise resource planning, integration and more.

Speaking of integration, Enterprise Apps are heavily associated with the integration of various apps.

Without it, in this data-driven world, businesses can’t yield the maximum benefits of an enterprise application.

What do we mean exactly by enterprise application integration (EAI)?

Modern computer systems or legacy applications have to interact with one another to analyze their customers’ data and leverage it to their business advantage. That’s where EAI comes to play.

Enterprise application development is the use of technologies and services across an enterprise to enable the integration of software apps and hardware systems.

Basically what EAI does is focuses on system interconnection, electronic data interchange, and distributed computing environments from everywhere in an organization.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) helps boost business productivity in more than one way:

  • Simplify management of unified records and reduce human error in the process
  • Grant access to users for certain business records
  • Accelerate business growth
  • Carry out faster, secure business operations
  • Easy development & maintenance

Most businesses that have been constantly innovating and undergone successful digital transformation have increased their revenue by 23% to 34%. On the other hand, more than 50% of Fortune 500 companies have
either declared bankruptcy or have been acquired by other companies due to the inability to keep with the market trends.

That’s why digital transformation has become an integral part of achieving success.

With the evolution of technology, there has always been a drastic shift in the way businesses operate on a daily basis. Having grasped the importance of upgrading & improving enterprise applications development, it becomes clear that it is that could lead to a better future it has become essential to keep up with the latest trends in enterprise applications.

Let’s explore the emerging trends for enterprise applications

Better Security Measures

Remember when back in the day Facebook revealed a massive security flaw on its website that led to more than 50 million accounts being hacked.

With organizations prone to millions of data breaches a day, it is estimated that businesses will fall victim to ransomware attacks every 11 seconds in 2021 costing the world a staggering 6 trillion dollars this year!

And that’s just the gist of harm cyber-attacks can cause to organizations.

That’s why enterprises need to implement more effective end-to-end encrypted security solutions, data deletion measures, VPC, and VPN along with monitoring of threats constantly. Enabling them to minimize the risks so that enterprise application software can continue to maximize your investments.

With AI & blockchain technology playing a major role in the automation of dealing with cyber threats, this is one of the most favoured trends in enterprise application software of the year.

2021 is set to see the largest rise from 184.19 to a 202.97 billion dollar investment for cyber-security to prevent any data breaches.

And that’s why you’ll notice an increasing trend for better security measures in place for enterprise businesses.

Cloud-based ERP

Currently, the traditional on-premise apps have reached their threshold. Not only are they more expensive, but with Cloud platforms now in the picture, it brings on-demand Software as a Service (Saas) model of deployment. Due to its feasible nature , enterprises are preferring the cloud option more.

In 2021, cloud-based enterprise application development is going to be the talk of the hour.

With more than 60% of businesses preferring to migrate their business operations on cloud platforms, this is one enterprise application development trend that is here to stay. As newer technological advancements will be made, a lot of technology is going to evolve around the Cloud.

Businesses want a secure and unified enterprise application infrastructure, and thanks to Cloud integration services, it is easily possible.

Witnessing increasing traction of cloud-based ERP since last year, the cloud-based ERP market is set to skyrocket.

Enterprise Mobile Apps

Mobile phones are incorporated so deep into helping us carry out our daily tasks, that it’s hard to imagine a day without them. With mobile technology always on the road to newer and better innovations, its capacity to transform and simplify business processes is truly fascinating.

With more than 5.20 billion mobile users in the world, businesses have realized the success a great enterprise mobile application can get. And that’s why everyone is looking for a great enterprise application development company to help them achieve impeachable mobile solutions that can help with their data management.

Not only do mobile apps help businesses connect better with their target audience, but they are proven to successfully help overcome complex business hurdles and maximize profits.

This is why the world is set to witness a huge spike in custom mobile enterprise application development and cross-platform development.


SD-WAN (software-defined networking in a wide area network) is set to reach a staggering figure of $4.5 billion by 2022. It is set to be the backbone of enterprises.

Various multinational enterprises often face the challenge of deploying branch office-wide-area networking right through thousands of locations and simultaneously maintaining exceptional user experience while ensuring their online security.

SD-WAN leverages a combination of public and private networks to enable networks to be more secure (end-to-end encryption), and faster and reduce latency between cloud providers and private data centers.

Get Started On Your Success

Now you know the enterprise application development trends you can safely bet your money on this year.

Integrating various applications into your enterprise application development will help provide your users with a seamless operation, improve productivity and optimize your costs.

And we can help you achieve that.

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