Why should app owners opt for a Minimum Viable Product?

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What is MVP?

A Minimum Viable Product(MVP) is the basic product with enough and necessary features of the final product. This product is tried with first or early customers so that companies can gather feedback from them and use it for further development of the product.

A Minimum Viable Product is a risk definer for companies. Risk that the future developed product would carry if it’s not been tested beforehand. It further helps in extracting insights of the product and how it can be made better.

Developing a fool proof product and then releasing it would increase the chances of losing the invested money because of several reasons such as false assumptions, expectations, market approach and acceptance. Whereas the development of MVP product can be done at a much lower cost and the modifications can be handled through reviews.

Prominent market leading companies such as Uber, Facebook and Instagram are the best examples of how developing a Minimum Viable Product at the initial stage can help you build a proper and better developed application. The process of building a MVP can be useful for mobile application development, web development or a hybrid of both.

Benefits of building a Minimum Viable Product

Customer review and modifications

Your idea can stand out, but without the right data research and observations, it can fail in the market and you can end up losing a lot of money. What Minimum Viable Product does is that it makes it easy for the customer to send reviews of the application through the application itself. This would help you in knowing the likes and preferences of the customer and what works for them the best. Your product will then be the perfect developed product, preferred and liked by your users for an enhanced experience.

Perfect use of resources

With ample number of resources and technological tools available for writing programs and codes, it becomes tough for companies to choose the right and proper tools for their product. A Minimum Viable Product gathers information about bugs and technological issues faced by the customers and help you choose the best tools for your desired product, so that your resources are not wasted.

Resolves security issues

Customers are often found deleting and uninstalling the application in fear of getting their account hacked or if they are facing bugs that are related to security such as random OTPs and passwords. Today, many big companies are running crowdsourced surveys to check if their application is working fine under varying situations. This, of course costs too much. MVP help companies improve their user experience by getting data and reviews from real time application users. This eventually helps enterprises in further developing the product and revamping its security model. This is one of the most important benefits that Minimum Viable Product offers to finance applications.

Makes the product engaging and unique

Just developing an application is not enough; you need to regularly update it with better features and trends. This is what the giants such as Facebook, Uber and Snapchat do. They leverage Minimum Viable Products to improve the user experience and keep them updated with the latest trends and technology. Minimum Viable Product development helps companies to constantly revamp user experience according to the needs and demands. The uniqueness of your product can win you everything only if it is improving the user experience. The latest trends help your product in becoming more engaging for the users.


With ample number of benefits provided, MVP application development is a must if you are thinking of developing a mobile application and you should only consult mobile app developer companies that provide you with its expertise. The MVP will not only ensure an enhancing user experience but will also make your product stand out for its scalability.

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We will also be sharing the step by step process of building and planning a Minimum Viable Product.

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