What is API Integration and Why Your Business Must Have it?


API, which stands for “application programming interface,” is simply a name for software that permits data (messages) to be exchanged between two or more programs. An API is like a virtual touch screen that lets you send and receive data and enter and read data. Internet access is a convenient way to use web-based APIs. 

What is an API Integration?  

Depending on who you ask, an application programming interface is either a group of API endpoints or a single API endpoint for a single application, often developed by an API development company. Each of which provides access to the application’s data or features. 

For systems to exchange data sources, they must be connected via their respective APIs. To keep data synchronized, increase efficiency, and generate income, API interfaces enable activities across multiple departments and organizational levels. There is also a need to create collaborative, automated business processes and procedures that exchange critical data. Integration of APIs is used in this situation.  

APIs are now a requirement of contemporary enterprise IT. The question of whether APIs are required is less important than one of how many custom API development services are required and how they will be produced and publicized. There are currently at least 23,500 APIs in use, although this number might just be the beginning.

How does API integration function?  

The simplest approach to explain APIs is to say that, in contrast to user interfaces, which are designed for users, APIs are intended for the entire application or computer.  

The human accesses the program to further explain. When a human user accesses a web application on a website, the API sits in between the application and the server and replies to their request. 

Using the API layer of two or more applications to make them communicate with one another. API integration describes how two or more applications can be connected to one another via their APIs to carry out some combined purpose. 

The Marketo -> Salesforce sync, which combines API integration between the two tools and adds an additional layer of automation – a trigger that automatically updates data in both applications in response to updates on one side for specific data types, is one of the most well-known API integration examples for marketing and revenue professionals. 

Why is API Integration Vital?

1. Cloud Apps Connection

There are currently hundreds or perhaps thousands of cloud apps. The enterprise is thoroughly integrated with this technology, often requiring tailored solutions like custom API development services. Companies with 100–250 people use 99 apps across their entire organization, whereas businesses with more than 1000 employees use more than 203 apps, according to the 2019 Annual SaaS Trends Report. 

API interfaces are increasingly the norm for tying together cloud programs. Enterprise service buses (ESBs), a common example of obsolete integration technologies, were developed in the on-premises period and struggle to enable current API connectivity outside of the firewall. The platform that connects all of these clouds should not be kept within your firewall because the focus of apps has changed to the cloud. Simply put, in order to link the new cloud APIs of today, an API Integration platform born in the cloud is required. 

2. Eliminates Human Error

No one is impervious to error. If they are expected to update many programs by themselves, they will undoubtedly make mistakes that cause significant problems in the future.    

For instance, a sales representative may be deceived into believing that a prospect is more sales-ready than they actually are if someone working in Salesforce assigns the prospect a higher lead score than what is displayed in Marketo, the source of truth. This may prompt the agent to pursue the prospect in an overly pushy manner, which can ultimately discourage the potential customer from interacting with your company further.   

Your employees will execute fewer manual operations as a result of API integration, which will reduce the likelihood of instances like the one mentioned above happening. 

3. Incorporating Latest Applications  

Your company may unlock any communication protocol anytime you need it using a modern integration platform, with no extra fees. Such a platform makes use of tested, pre-configured connectors and templates, enabling you to develop application connections quickly and effectively.  

With the help of API integration by a good API development company, you can share the data in a crucial database with your other internal systems, enhancing the value of that information for numerous teams.  Externally, your business might make its APIs available to clients and collaborators, enabling the frictionless and real-time exchange of chosen, mutually useful data. 

4. Strengthen Your Partnerships

You might collaborate with outside businesses to promote your goods or provide customer service. Integrations of APIs can improve the relationship in either scenario. 

Let’s take the scenario where you rely on partners to counsel and assist clients. Let’s also suppose that, although it’s not always the case, your middleware tool with custom API development services has API management capabilities. In this case, you can offer APIs that share new customers and provide information about the sale (such as the plan they bought). Once connected, your partners’ internal system(s) will enable them to easily identify the clients they need to contact and the help they need to provide for them. 

Summing Up 

API interfaces are important for software development, helping companies enhance apps and streamline processes. Businesses can achieve success with API integrations by understanding the different types, using platforms and tools, and following best practices. 

Moreover, A good API development company is no longer nice-to-have. Without it, the app couldn’t be effectively developed. It’s a requirement. 

Connecting to an external service via API is often the fastest and simplest way to incorporate essential functionality into an application. Often it is also the only solution.  

That’s why at Communication Crafts we understand the importance of proper implementation of API. We integrate systems but also create dedicated APIs for web applications. We establish trustworthy and safe connections between services. 

Connect once. Interact with dozens of PLATFORMS. Save thousands of dollars. 

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