6 Most Popular Programming Languages For Mobile App Development

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It’s a no brainer that programming and web development services are the core of any business- small or big. It helps increasing product knowledge and popularity while maintaining communication between you and the potential clients. From e-commerce websites, food ordering mobile apps, and digital marketing, to cloud computing; mobile app development is an integral part of all businesses.

With so many different programming languages to work with, which one would be the ideal choice for a developer? As a leading mobile app development and web development company, we at Communication Crafts have professional developers working with different programming languages. Let us see what’s their take on this!

Best programming languages for app development are:

1. Java


It’s been two decades since its inception but Java still continues to be the most popular programming language amongst developers. In a world where new technology rapidly replaces the existing ones, nothing has been able to replace the mighty old Java!

Java has been the most popular programming language for app developers since it is easy to learn and has a wide community, where developers can interact with other developers on Java related issues. Some of the best features of Java include:

– Syntax of Java is more readable than Python and other programming languages that are used for mobile app development.

– Being an object-oriented language (OOP), Java is easier to maintain, modify and debug.

– OOP makes it possible to create fully reusable applications that require lesser code and lead to shorter development time

– Also with its rich API, Java allows the integration of many dynamic features into a mobile app.

Java is a power-packed programming language for developing mobile apps. From Android OS built using Java to many famous Android apps like Twitter & Spotify- Java is the best programming language for android development that simply delivers to expectation.

2. Python


A high-level programming language like Python has significantly found its use in web & app development. Being open-source language, it is easy to learn. Python is the most highly recommended language amongst developers. Some of the best features of Python include:

– Python makes it possible to integrate itself with programming languages like C, C++ and many other programming languages.

– Since it is a high-level language, there is no need to remember the system architecture, nor is it necessary to go through the hassle of managing the memory when programming in Python.

– Being a developer-friendly language, learning Python basics can be completed in a few hours or days.

– Python has a large standard library that provides a rich set of modules and functions so you do not have to write your own code for every single thing.

Famous applications like Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, and Quora, all use the dynamism that Python has to offer to run their mobile applications faster.

3. Swift


Released in 2014 by Apple, Swift is now the most favored programming language for any mobile iOS app development. It is a powerful and predictable language, built with the open-source LLVM compiler framework. Swift programming language is a combination of both C & Objective-C programming language that has none of the in-built C language dependencies which makes it easier to use. Some of the best features of Swift include:

– Being open-source, the Swift community uses it frequently to give their feedback to Apple for making its performance better.

– Swift decreases the amount of code required to write repetitive statements as well as string manipulation requirements, which is not the case in Objective-C.

– Costs of maintaining data servers, frequent debugging and frequent update cycles are less in Swift, which make it an economically friendly programming language.

– As Swift language uses clear and easy syntax, swift developers make fewer mistakes which are usually overlooked in Objective-C due to the complexity of language.

The compact size of Swift apps even made the deployment rate 3.9x faster than implementing the same algorithm in Python! If you are a developer trying to find your way around iOS mobile app development, Swift is the best choice to go forward with. 

4. Objective-C


Objective-C was the first programming language used by Apple to support mobile apps on its platform. While Swift has largely become the go-to programming language used for iOS app development today, Objective-C still is one of the most popular programming languages for developers. Some of the best features of Objective-C include:

– Connecting Objective-C with private API’s is easier and faster.

– Being a highly dynamic, object-oriented language, Objective-C makes coding a whole lot faster and simpler.

5. React-Native


React Native is a JavaScript-based, cross-platform, open-source mobile app development framework created by Facebook in 2015. React Native helped fill the gaps in the app development world. Some might even say it was revolutionary in the way it changed the mobile app development world. Check this blog for 7 Popular Mobile Apps built with React Native. Some of the best features of React-Native include:

– Reusable code: Since developers can reuse code written for apps in both iOS and Android, it has a lower cost of mobile app development.

– React Native offers a powerful platform for mobile app development due to its native control and modules that also helps improve the performance of an app.

Level up your application with the best react native developers.

6. JavaScript


JavaScript is a dynamic computer programming language. Being lightweight, it is highly used in mobile app development for creating dynamic mobile apps. It is an interpreted programming language with object-oriented capabilities. Some of the best features of JavaScript include:

– JavaScript based mobile apps have faster performance on the user side as it doesn’t need the code to be continuously compiled.

– Developers only have to code the mobile app once and it can be released on all the platforms: Android, iOS, and Windows.

However, JavaScript programming language should only be used for developing a mobile app when used with CSS, HTML, and AJAX.

As a leading mobile app and web development company, Communication Crafts has 17+ years of experience in extensively developing mobile apps for clients. Our team of expert mobile app developers & fast coders have the technical expertise of using different technologies and programming languages that cater to our client’s mobile app development needs specifically. We only use the best programming language that specifically meets our client requirements, leaving them completely satisfied with their mobile app. Working on mobile app development that provides the best user experience is what we are good at! Being an established mobile app company, we provide a superior scope for your business to grow with an ideal mobile app.

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