Apple renames WWDC app to Apple Developer

Apple renames WWDC app to Apple Developer_thambnail_main banner

Apple announced that it will change the WWDC App to become Apple Developer. The app typically gets an update once a year. But, not anymore, as the new app brings with it a host of features like access to Apple’s developer newsfeed and videos made to introduce new technologies and assist Apple app developers. It’s a great new tool for people looking for the latest in iOS innovations.

The goal is to use the app to get relevant content to Apple app developers as and when it happens and to direct them to things they may have missed on the Apple developer website or Apple’s main website. The app will also include more mobile-friendly content like articles and videos that attempt to educate and inform.

The app promises to be updated all-year-round and will be the new hub for all things related to development on the iOS. Apple app developers will be able to enrol in the Apple Developer Program on iPhone or iPad which would further help them in getting accurate information on the latest updates regarding iOS.

With this app, Apple wishes to inform, educate and present ideas to Apple app developers which was not easy to find earlier. It wishes to streamline everything so that the developers are in-sync with the latest updates for iOS.

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