Why Web Designers Prefer Sketch Over Photoshop For UI And Wireframing?

Photoshop has long been the go-to digital design tool used by web designers for UI and Wire-framing. However things have changed with the arrival of Sketch and it is quickly emerging as the popular choice for a lot of designers.

Sketch brings incredibly powerful set of tools and capabilities over Photoshop or Illustrator that makes it more productive and geared for UI and Wire-framing as also designing digital interfaces. Our web design team at CC Advantage excels in Sketch for UI and Wireframing. This offer you the best way to design websites, icons, interface so you get expert web design services and infrastructure that you can scale at will.

Sketch vs Photoshop

So what are the key points that have the UI community stand-up and choose Sketch over Photoshop or Illustrator? We explore the main standout points between the two to give you a heads up.

Dedicated UI and Wire-framing Tool Vs General Purpose Image Editing Tool

Sketch is excellent for designing interfaces, websites, icons that easily adapt to changing styles and layouts. Unlike the general purpose Photoshop that is a raster based graphics tool, Sketch offers vector-based graphics that is better geared for UI design and prototyping given the variety of screen density and screen sizes.

Enhanced Productivity:

Since Sketch is  specifically built for UI design, it is super-fast and more stable than Photoshop. While Photoshop and Illustrator have bloated in their attempt to cater to an ever-increasing audience, Sketch caters to a niche audience and those tools for UI graphics without sacrificing agility. The source files in Sketch are comparatively light-weight and make it easy to develop and collaborate which makes revisions easier on its simple and easy interface.

Multiple Artboard and Pixel Aware:

Sketch with its multiple Artboards helps web developers ensure that their designs are responsive. Moreover since the artboards are pixel-aware   you work only with pixels,  which helps you align your shapes to pixel edges to produce pixel perfect designs with sharp edges and outlines..

Simple and Easy, Lean User Interface:

Sketch has a simplified UI that makes it an excellent web graphic and prototyping tool. Sketch gives power, flexibility and speed for professional digital design in a lightweight and easy-to use package.

Sketch is gradually emerging as the popular tool for web designers however it still has a long way to outdo the sophistication and finesse of Photoshop or Illustrator. Still it stands out and makes a big impact in UI and wireframing.

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