Top 7 Actionable SEO Techniques You Must Learn in 2023

Is your blog or website not gaining enough traffic in spite of all your efforts? Wondering what SEO strategies will get your blog getting traction online? Smart SEO is all about identifying the most actionable SEO techniques that deliver results.

SEO is no rocket science and by focusing on the core basics you too can make the most of Google’s emphasis on relevancy and recency. Today we reveal top 7 actionable SEO techniques you must learn in 2023. These will not only unlock more visibility for your blog or website but also help you appreciate how the Google search engine work.

Here are the SEO Techniques for 2023

People who succeed in SEO do three things very well. Firstly, they do an introspection of their USP, value proposition and their target audience. Secondly, identify SEO techniques that get them the result. Thirdly, they pursue a meticulous execution of these selected SEO techniques and scale them for consistent performance. We suggest the executing the following SEO techniques to take your blog to the next level.

Focus Keywords:

Optimize each page of your blog or website around one focus keyword. This enables the google bots to better index your blog or web page. Apart from focus keywords, simply choose from 3 to 4 keywords and emphasis your content on those keywords. Dropping the focus keywords in the first 100-150 words can garner positive traction for your site pages.

HTTPS Extension:

According to latest Google search guidelines, it gives preference to those HTTPS sites over HTTP sites in an effort to make the web a more safe and secured place. Therefore it is advisable to switch to HTTPS to rank high on SERPs.

Meta Details:

Ensure you cover H1, H2 and H3 tags into your site page. The meta Title Tag must be kept to 55 characters and meta description to around 160. A good practice is to add the focus keyword within the meta title.

Republish Updated Old Blog Post:

Dig into your vault for old blog posts that have consistently performed well. Simply rejig to update them and republish. This not only gives you an improved and new version of the post that has been already been popular but also assures you impressive result again.

More Benefit-Focused Content:

Great SEO success also depends on great content. Therefore content should be  benefit-focused that gives solutions to their unique challenges rather than the regular curated content like top 5, 10 types. This helps to make the content more relevant to search queries apart from increasing its share-ability.

Tap the Visual Media- Videos

Embed interesting images and video content to attract more traffic. Adding video to a blog post reduces the bounce rate and also drives conversions. Ensure that you insert the appropriate ALT+TXT details and add AdWords pixel to track videos.


Majority of users access the web through their smartphones therefore RWD is critical to the success of your blog or website. At a time when Forrester speaks of contextual browser-based arrangements, making your website responsive to deliver a great web experience is a bare essential.

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