How to Build a Top React Native Development Team

how to build a top react native development team

Why are top-notch mobile applications now steering away from traditional native development? The answer lies in the evolving landscape of user demands. As user experience takes the spotlight, the need for agility and speed in meeting expectations has never been more crucial. To help businesses achieve a competitive edge, React Native has been popularly used now by big giants like Uber, Facebook, Microsoft and many more. Then why delay when opportunity awaits?

React Native, the ultimate game-changer in the realm of app development, is here to solve your application development issues. Whether you’re a seasoned developer aiming to conquer new frontiers or a visionary entrepreneur with a dream to disrupt the market, React Native is a choice to consider. It is an open-source application development framework for Android, iOS, Windows and others that combines JavaScript libraries with the platform’s native components making it look as if applications are built on native platforms. This blog will delve deeper into the reasons behind selecting React Native for
creating native mobile apps, highlighting its key advantages. It will explore strategies for assembling a robust React Native App Development Team followed by the future trends in the industry.

React Native is broadly used because of its flexibility, cost effectiveness and optimization, which are key performance indicators in running a business today. One of the best features of React Native that is worth considering is live reloading which means react native’s environment supports instant app reload which lets you view changes made in code without needing to recompile the app during development. This enables faster iterate testing cycles, reduces the time to market and increases productivity amongst the developers.

The key benefit of
Hiring React Native Developers is their ability to develop mobile apps faster and with a smaller team compared to purely native development. Rather than having to build your app logic twice, once for iOS and again for Android in different code languages, the same React Native codebase works for both platforms which in turn helps significantly in reducing your implementation and maintenance costs by 50-70%. Lower development overheads also mean maximization of ROI for your business.

Additional strengths of React Native include the large ecosystem of third-party libraries and components, integration with native APIs for things like location or push notifications, direct deployment to app stores and access to the latest native features like hot reloading which allows for scalability and long-term stability.

React Native stands out in UI development, enabling the creation of stunning and top-notch designs for mobile applications. Its component-based methodology fosters a user-friendly environment for both technical and non-technical users. From a business standpoint, it enhances accessibility and efficiency in interface building.

As React Native explodes in popularity with industry giants rapidly adopting it across their tech stacks, the demand for React Native developers is far outpacing supply. This talent crunch means businesses must invest early in hiring and training React Native teams to avoid project delays or greater costs. Partnering with specialized React Native consultant firm, PeoplActive you can help secure world-class React Native talent before competitors.

Form your Dream Team Towards Success

Define Project Goals and Timelines: Get clear on the vision, business objectives, target users and timeline ambition you have for your mobile products built on React Native. This clarity will determine the skillsets and team size you’ll need. Complex apps with custom integrations would require more specialized talent than general application, so the idea is to frame objectives smartly to scope team capabilities.

Team Size-
Ideally start with forming a team of 2-3 React Native developers with core capabilities and 1-2 designers and scale up or down as per project needs. Keeping the core team small with 6-8 members is the key to efficiency.

Job Specifications-
Determine the roles needed for React Native App Development with proper job descriptions of each role that aids in hiring qualified candidates.

Writing clear and concise job descriptions highlighting
must-have and good-to-have skills with the experience level you are targeting will simplify the hiring process. Some of the roles that your team shall include are as follows:


  1. Project Manager- This person will oversee the development and navigate the challenges in the right direction. He will coordinate between team members, create schedules/timelines and manage the project’s budget. It is necessary to hire qualified individuals with prior experience of handling similar projects for successful completion.

  2. React Native Developers: They will build the actual app using React Native framework. Hence Proficiency in JavaScript and React principles is a must. Look for developers with knowledge in React Native Framework with extensive mastery in React Native Libraries like Redux, Expo etc.

Search for your talent based on skills in Cross Platform Development and Back-End technologies like
Integration of API and familiarity with native platforms like Android & iOS.


  1. UI/UX Designers They will design the look, feel and flow of your app. Look for designers familiar with mobile design patterns. Hire Talent based on strong mobile visual design skills, familiarity with mobile UI patterns, prototyping and wireframing skills, knowledge of tools like Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD etc. who can help in smooth completion of the project.

  2. Quality AssuranceThese personnel will develop and execute testing plans to catch software defects or identify performance issues during the build. The skills required while looking out to hire include QA automation skills like Appium for simulating real user interactions, Detox for iOS/Android gray box automation, CI/CD integration expertise become highly valuable for engineering teams to enable test automation at scale and optimizing workflows.

Building a diverse skill set, covering technical, design, and other advanced areas, requires businesses to identify the most suitable candidates for their project. For finding technical experts, Communication Crafts offers a proficient team of on-demand developers and swiftly connects international businesses with offshore talent aligned with their project requirements within 48 hours of client engagement.

Screening –
Post sourcing the candidates from various platforms and recruitment agency, screening begins. Examine candidates based on their previous portfolios and vet skills thoroughly with technical interviews, assessments and code tests. Use online platforms for screening and interviewing to greatly reduce your time and provide detailed reports and insights into candidate’s strength and performance. Assess cultural fit as well for better retention.

This stage includes onboarding new members systematically to know each other, align them with the process and expectations, make them feel supported and promote collaboration for joint efforts on the project. Arrange bootcamps and training workshops to gain hands-on experience of the new features and project outlook. Covering product goals, tech stack details, app architecture, design systems and code guidelines in this stage will help you in achieving better outputs.

Final Thoughts and Future Trends

Looking ahead, React Native has a promising future to become even more attractive framework for application development because of its potential in accessibility and inclusivity domain that allows developers to build apps for everyone including people with disability. With AI and ML technologies advancing, there is room for developers to innovate and create smart applications through React Native that are based on the models of personalized recommendations, applications adjustable to user conduct and anticipating user’s needs before them. With the recommendations outlined in this blog, Hire React Native Developers and form a high-performance mobile team with Communication Crafts’ global talent pool only to fully utilize React Native’s existing and emerging capabilities. Trust us, the result will be robust, smooth apps that delight your users!

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