Cloud-Powered Mobile App Development: Maximizing Benefits for Businesses

benefits of cloud computing for mobile app development

Smartphones have become an extension of our lifestyle and transformed the way we interact with businesses. This transformation has given a boost to the mobile application development companies building applications for everything. Businesses are trying to woo customers by setting their offerings apart from the crowded market and convincing potential customers about the value of their services. However, with this expansion businesses are finding it hard to scale up their mobile apps and improve its performance with existing infrastructure. An ideal approach to overcome this challenge is cloud-powered mobile app development.

Think about having several strong and powerful servers, storages, and databases which you can use to build your apps without investing in the necessary hardware infrastructure. Cloud-powered mobile applications are a growing trend in the mobile development market today. Did you know? 77% of companies have one or more apps on the cloud. But how will cloud-based mobile applications help my business? To answer your question here are the benefits of cloud-powered mobile application development.

If you wish to create a mobile app without having to spend tremendous amount of money, invest in cloud computing. Cloud services are flexible, and the only cost incurred will be for the resources used. It is unnecessary to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on equipment. Additionally, the costs associated with continuous upkeep, upgrades and security are minimized that helps you reallocate your resources to more strategic initiatives. You can take the help of mobile app development agency to choose which services your mobile application should opt for in case you are unsure which cloud services would work best for your business.


Add or remove resources as demand changes. Yes! Cloud computing offers your mobile application the flexibility to change the level of your services by adding more features or reducing them. Think of a situation, you would not have all the features ready when you launch your mobile app. Based on user feedback, you would add more features to enhance the user experience. Cloud enables your business to do that without causing hiccups. Furthermore, your users won’t have to update the application every time and their user experience will remain intact due to this flexibility. It’s like having a service that adapts to your needs and grows accordingly.


Think of the cloud as your app data’s personal storage unit – a virtual space where you can keep all your data safe and sound. Mobile applications developed on physical storage infrastructure often have storage issues when the user base increases. This might hamper their performance, or you might have to incur more expenses to increase the infrastructure. With the cloud, there are no more concerns about exceeding storage space as your data is stored on a remote server which can be accessed anytime from anywhere. This also helps in accessing data on mobile devices and managing them. Migrating your storage to cloud can be tricky, you can take the help of an offshore mobile app development company to reduce the risk.

Data Synchronization:

Cloud-based apps work to sync your data across all your devices effortlessly. A task started on your phone can then seamlessly switch between your tablet or laptop without a lag or any deviations. Through cloud computing your progress, bookmarks, and settings are always stored no matter which computing device you are using. Since no installation is required, the application directly interacts with the cloud to fetch the appropriate data. It makes sure that there is no disruption of continuity, no matter the device is being used to access the document. Want an error-free data management process for your application? You can consult a mobile app development company to help you in this area.

Quicker Deployment Times

Imagine you are developing native mobile apps for both Android and iOS for your business. This can be a time-consuming process, often resulting in late market entry and giving the first-mover advantage to your competitor. In contrast, when you choose cloud-based mobile app development they offer you the advantage of moving to market quickly. As the cloud-based applications are platform agnostic, you can create the app and be in both the app stores in no time. Furthermore, they save your development and maintenance costs since you must only maintain a single application instead of two.

Data Security

Data security is critical for any business today. Losing data is like losing reputation these days. Hardware-based infrastructures often lack the security measures when compared to cloud. We have often heard stories of data getting lost or corrupted due to errors, making it vulnerable to cyber-attacks and other threats.

Well, not in the case of cloud-based applications. Your cloud provider offers your business advanced security measures for your mobile application like data encryption and access control measures which protect your sensitive user data. Likewise, it also helps in data recovery and back-up in case the data is lost due to some incident as data is backed up on regular intervals. But which cloud platform to choose for security? Consulting a mobile app development company helps you clear the air and choose the right platform.


Another benefit of developing mobile applications on cloud-platform for your business in integration. Businesses often integrate database for a seamless functionality. This can be a challenging task when it comes to native applications as you might have to code your way through the whole process. Not in case of cloud! With cloud platforms, you can seamlessly sync the database on the cloud platform without the hassle.  

Wait a minute! Database integration is just one part. With cloud-based applications you can integrate API seamlessly without using different APIs for different platforms. This makes the process far more streamlined and simpler rather than relying on different codes. You can rely on coding, or you can rely on a mobile app development company to help you start your journey to unlocking business potential.

Final Thoughts:

Cloud computing is the way forward if you want to develop your mobile app. The benefits of cloud offered by cloud providers are abundant and it would be a wise decision and good investment for your innovations and ideas. But to navigate through the installation and integration of cloud computing into your mobile app, you require the help of an expert. Research says, 60% of global companies outsource app development for better digital presence and customer journey flexibility. It’s time for you to trust one too!

At Communication Crafts, we understand the transformative power of cloud computing and the opportunities they present for businesses. After taking you through the benefits of cloud computing for successful mobile app development, we invite you to collaborate with us and to exploit our expertise as a mobile app development company.

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